Mass Effect ‘Won’t Work’ As TV Series, Ex-BioWare Writer Says

Mass Effect Wont Work As TV Series Ex BioWare Writer Says

Without a doubt one of the news of the week is that Amazon Studios could be close to closing a deal to produce a television series of Mass Effect, a project that has not yet been officially confirmed but of which even the own BioWare He said it was a matter of time. As the … Read more

The Scarlett Johansson Effect: Hollywood Stars Now Fall In Love With Screenwriters | Celebrities, Vips | S Fashion EL PAÍS

1636570782 The Scarlett Johansson Effect Hollywood Stars Now Fall In Love

Times have changed a lot for the figure of the Hollywood screenwriter. Their working conditions, respect in the industry and media visibility, despite continuing to be improvable, have little to do with those of those typewriter slaves whom William Holden would put a face in Twilight of the gods. “You see that the body of … Read more

The ‘Bichota’ effect: Karol G, his alliances and his concert tour

The Bichota effect Karol G his alliances and his concert

Karol G He taught many of us –reguetoneros or not– the meaning of the word ‘bichota’, a word that was used only in certain niches in Puerto Rico and had no feminine (the original term was ‘bichote’). It is a sample of the communication power of the Colombian singer. From that composition and the message … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are official: What is the effect of ‘Bennifer 2.0’ on the world? | People | Entertainment

1633114729 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are official What is the

Almost two decades later, this pair of actors infects the same complicity and romance, but with a greater degree of daring that today conquers the whole world. The New York Times October 1, 2021 – 1:16 p.m. The J. Lo effect is difficult to define, but easy to identify. In general, it refers to the … Read more

Ben Affleck “amazed” by Jennifer Lopez’s effect on the world

Ben Affleck amazed by Jennifer Lopezs effect on the world

Ben Affleck can’t stop praising Jennifer Lopez. The actor shared a sweet message to Adweek, who presented the Brand Visionary Award to the singer. The director and writer said he was “in awe of JLo’s effect on the world. “All I can tell you is that I have seen firsthand the difference that representation makes … Read more

Sourdough effect: Tom Hardy wants to quit acting to be a baker

Sourdough effect Tom Hardy wants to quit acting to be

English actor Tom Hardy is determined to swerve, not his career but directly his life and is seriously thinking about change profession because, as he has commented, it is increasingly difficult for him to find a compelling reason to continue his film career. And he is ready to become a baker. During the months of … Read more

Scarlett Johansson effect: Emma Stone and Emily Blunt would also sue Disney

Scarlett Johansson effect Emma Stone and Emily Blunt would also

Black Widow.jpg Marvel Studios In the case of Johansson, the actress sued the studio since she assures that the company promised her that the film would be an exclusive theatrical release and a large part of her salary would come from there. Finally the launch was simultaneously with the platform Disney Plus. According to the … Read more

What does it matter to sing badly? The incredible origin of Auto-Tune, the sound effect that devours music

What does it matter to sing badly The incredible origin

Cher It was the first one. 23 years ago, in what is now considered one of the best-selling singles in history. In 1998 it was not easy to foresee, but the production of ‘Believe’ It was a turnaround in the pop industry. Before the famous chorus (“Do you believe in life after love?”), Cher’s alto … Read more

Whether there is a Mass Effect series (or movie) is just a matter of time, says its director

Whether there is a Mass Effect series or movie is

Mac Walters explains the cancellation of that project with Legendary Pictures that never materialized. Let there be a Mass Effect series, or a movie, it’s just a matter of time. We don’t say it, it says it Mac Walters, director of the last Mass Effect Andromeda Y Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, as well as narrative … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘lifting’ effect bun also makes you look taller

She has worn XXL extensions, the most flattering above-the-shoulder cuts, and has a beauty team that makes you feel really beautiful as recognized a little over a month ago in your networks. Jennifer Lopez sets trends with what she wears, inspires her fans through her public appearances and also a celebrities nationals as Edurne, who … Read more