I’ve been editing videos for 15 years and these are the tips I always give to beginners

Ive been editing videos for 15 years and these are

The world of photography is difficult, but if we get into the world of video, it is at least 24 times more complicated than photography. You have to be aware of so many technical aspects that you can easily get lost. Let’s see what we have learned, over the years, so that you can start from a more advanced point to edit our videos.

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9 ½ weeks: Adrian Lyne wanted to “break” Kim Basinger for a shock scene cut during editing – CinéSéries

9 ½ weeks Adrian Lyne wanted to break Kim Basinger

SUMMER FILE / PART 3 – To get the performance he wanted from the actress and capture the emotional intensity of a suffocating affair, Adrian Lyne pushed Kim Basinger over the edge during production of ‘9 ½ Weeks’ . The culmination of this painful experience for the actress is probably the filming of a scene … Read more

Beyoncé was outraged at the ‘Austin Powers’ crew 20 years ago for editing her body in this image

Beyonce was outraged at the Austin Powers crew 20 years

Beyonce Knowles. Photo: Bryan Bedder for Exponent PR. /Getty Images Almost 20 years after the premiere of ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’, the third installment of the comedy and action saga starring Mike Myers, and which marked the acting debut of Beyoncethe makeup artist kate biscoe has revealed a closely guarded production secret. During an interview … Read more

Thor: Love & Thunder: actress Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) also cut during editing | COMICSBLOG.fr

After learning that the actors Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldblum had been cut during the editing of the film Thor: Love & Thunderthe drafting of variety reports a similar data about the next adventure of the Viking god of marvel studios. Lena HeadeyBritish actress known for her role as Cersei in the series Game Of … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder: Christian Bale announces two major actors cut during editing

Thor Love and Thunder Christian Bale announces two major actors

news culture Thor Love and Thunder: Christian Bale announces two major actors cut during editing Published on 06/30/2022 at 15:05 Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 13. Christian Bale has just explained that two important actors, embodying two major characters, were cut during the editing. the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fourth Thor film will … Read more

House of Gucci: the torrid scene between Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek which was cut during the editing – CinéSéries

House of Gucci the torrid scene between Lady Gaga and scaled

In “House of Gucci”, Patrizia Reggiani asks self-proclaimed clairvoyant Pina Auriemma for help in getting rid of Maurizio Gucci. The complicity between these two women is accentuated in a torrid scene proposed by Lady Gaga to Salma Hayek, but which was finally cut during the editing of the feature film by Ridley Scott. House of … Read more

For music and audio editing on Mac, which one should you buy?

1641329927 For music and audio editing on Mac which one should

The most important components Before talking about each of the Macs that are recommended to be able to make a music edition, we must review the most important components. This is crucial to take into account, since it is an internal configuration that in most models cannot be modified. The points that must be taken … Read more

Director of ‘Don’t Look Up’ Explains Terrible Editing Error

Director of Dont Look Up Explains Terrible Editing Error

‘Don’t look up’ (Don’t Look Up, its original title), starring Leonardo Dicaprio Y Jennifer Lawrence, is the new undisputed success of the streaming platform Netflix. Its great cast, its criticism of climate change and its sharp portrait of contemporary American society, have placed the production as one of the most viewed in the world. However, … Read more