Welcome to Eden follows in the footsteps of La casa de papel and is already sweeping the entire planet

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You are happy? If you are a manager of Netflix and you’re reading this question, the answer will almost certainly be yes, as a new original production of the platform is taking the world by storm. We talk about welcome to edena new Spanish series created by Joaquín Gorriz and Guillermo López Sánchez that promises … Read more

Who is Amaia Aberasturi, the star of Welcome to Eden, and how did she become known?

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NETFLIX The Spanish actress went from being unknown to becoming a Netflix figure. So it was that the streaming giant chose her for the series with Belinda and Amaia Salamanca. For Camila Lopez 05/11/2022 – 02:33 UTC 05/11/2022 – 02:33 UTC © NetflixAmaia Aberasturi, protagonist of Welcome to Eden. A new teen series is stealing … Read more

Welcome to Eden, the Spanish miniseries that is in the global top of Netflix, is about five young people who are trapped on an island

One of the best bets proposed Netflix in recent times is to discover different productions from different countries. But lately, Spain has been adding success after another, as is the case with welcome to eden the new spanish miniseries Netflix, It premiered 2 days ago and is already in the global top of the platform. … Read more