Carolina Jaume is out of Ecuavisa; her colleagues from ‘In contact’ confirm her departure from the program | Television | Entertainment

Carolina Jaume is out of Ecuavisa her colleagues from In

He did not say goodbye to the public nor has he issued a statement, however yesterday (Thursday, August 25) was the last program in which he participated Caroline James as one of its presenters. Today, his fellow program, Gabriela Diaz, Henry Bustamante, Dora West, Jose Urrutia Y Virginia Lemongi They appeared on the screen to … Read more

This is how Ecuavisa reminded Tania Tinoco after her death: Fly high, we will carry you in our hearts | Television | Entertainment

just like you did Tanya Tinoco (1963-2022) with Theresa Grove when he retired from Ecuavisatonight Grove He lent his voice to fire who in life was his co-worker. A report with images of important coverage that Tinoco made throughout his journalistic career was the opening for the broadcast of teleview from this night. Ecuadorian journalism … Read more

Tania Tinoco is hospitalized for an arrhythmia; relatives and Ecuavisa ask for respect for her privacy | People | Entertainment

Tania Tinoco is hospitalized for an arrhythmia relatives and Ecuavisa

the journalist Tania Tinoco He is in delicate health, as confirmed by the presenter Charles Vera on her Twitter account, who reported that she was admitted to the clinic for a arrhythmia. Vera stated that she had contact with Bruce Hardman, husband of the communicator, to find out about Tinoco’s condition. “She asks me to … Read more

‘Amor eterno’, the new Turkish soap opera from Ecuavisa | Television | Entertainment

Amor eterno the new Turkish soap opera from Ecuavisa

The dramatic production will be seen on screen from Tuesday 10th of this month, at 8:45 pm. August 10, 2021 – 1:20 pm Recognized as the “best telenovela” in the 45th edition of the International Emmy Awards, Ecuavisa The Turkish production opens from this Tuesday 10 Eternal love (blind love), which shows the story of … Read more

Concert ‘Together for security’ brought together singers and personalities in the Ecuavisa signal | Music | Entertainment

Concert Together for security brought together singers and personalities in

14 national interpreters sang in favor of peace and called for an end to violence in the streets. August 7, 2021 – 9:12 pm Grouping Shell Project, interpreters of the genre called electro-folklore, was in charge of opening the virtual concert organized by Ecuavisa to ask for greater security and that It was broadcast throughout … Read more