6 sports dramas where competition and perseverance dominate the stories

6 sports dramas where competition and perseverance dominate the stories

Throughout the history of cinema, many films decided to tell the B side of sports activities, either because they relate historical events or simply to reflect what high competition implies. These are some of the most interesting movies that closely portray the implications of the sports universe. 6 Shocking Murder Stories You Can’t Miss The … Read more

Andrew Dominik, director of “Blonde”: “Any fan of Marilyn Monroe also loves the dramas of his life”

Andrew Dominik director of Blonde Any fan of Marilyn Monroe

By adapting Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller, “Blonde”, for Netflix, Andrew Dominik gets into the icon’s head and imagines his ordeal. Maintenance. When Joyce Carol Oates’ novel, Blonde hair, released in 2000, the success was immediate. A partly fantasized biography of Marilyn Monroe, the book fascinates with its subjective approach to the short life of the … Read more

Dramas, Jedis and horror: these are the most relevant premieres of October 2022 on Disney +

Platform subscribers have a fun, exciting and terrifying month ahead of them. We are heading into the final stretch of the year, but the premieres do not stop on the Disney platform. This month, despite the fact that we don’t have any big news or endless productions that overwhelm our free time, we do have … Read more

Each of the Netflix dramas where BTS appears

Each of the Netflix dramas where BTS appears

The most popular South Korean band, and world celebrity, announced in mid-June last their separation or temporary break so that each of its seven members can dedicate themselves to their personal projects. Some of them have already started to take their first steps and others are on their way, but while you wait for them … Read more

If you love Korean dramas, you can’t pass up VIP Wishes on Netflix

If you love Korean dramas you cant pass up VIP

Are we facing the boom of Korean series? VIP Wishes aims to highlight the success of its predecessors, to name a few, the squid game, The paper house: Korea either We are dead, and show that Asian productions have revolutionized streaming with their (impeccable) ability to generate quality content. Now with a new series that … Read more

Find out why ‘Collision’ has become one of the must-see dramas on Netflix

If you are a lover of drama and action, the new Netflix production entitled Collision is the ideal proposal for you. And it is that just hours after its premiere it was positioned among the most watched in different countries. And it is that in this plot the public will be able to appreciate how … Read more

3 European dramas based on real events to watch on Netflix

One of the genres preferred by many people is that of movies based on real events. On this occasion, we share 3 European dramas that can be seen by Netflix and we tell you everything there is to know about it. Do not miss the details. Based on true events: 3 dramatic movies to enjoy … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: the best Julia Roberts dramas you’ll find on the platform

Amazon Prime Video the best Julia Roberts dramas youll find

Julia Roberts She is one of the most successful actresses of recent decades and, at 54 years old, she owns a more than extensive filmography. In this opportunity, we share four dramas that are available in Amazon Prime Video and we tell you everything there is to know about it. To continue; the details. Four … Read more

A grunge Batman fan of Nirvana, standing ovations for 5 minutes and Balkan dramas: the best and the worst of the billboard premieres

1646398733 A grunge Batman fan of Nirvana standing ovations for 5

With the arrival of this new Friday, it is time to welcome a month of March whose first round of billboard premieres promises to turn upside down ticket office —and social networks, probably— by bringing under his arm the long-awaited ‘The Batman’ by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson.

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