Grey’s Anatomy: The Truth Behind Katherine Heigl’s Exit From Medical Drama Revealed

Greys Anatomy The Truth Behind Katherine Heigls Exit From Medical

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 is nearing its premiere, and fans of the drama haven’t stopped talking about the departure of their favorite characters. A new book, tells the behind-the-scenes details of the series and confirms the reason why Katherine Heigl left the series as Izzie Stevens. September 21, 2021 · 1:18 PM Grey’s Anatomy will … Read more

Netflix: The MOST VIEWED drama and action movie in Mexico today; will make you out of the monotony

Netflix The MOST VIEWED drama and action movie in

More than a year has passed since the pandemic by Covid-19 arrived in Mexico, and since then, the way people had fun has changed due to social confinement and the protocols that involve the distancing or even the prohibition of certain activities. That is why most people they coincide in that during the pandemic and … Read more

‘The Squid Game’: the deadly Korean drama that captivates and scares alike on Netflix

1632120920 The Squid Game the deadly Korean drama that captivates and

The series takes the confrontation between social classes to the extreme of violence: the powerful entertain themselves through the misery of others. (Netflix para LN) At first glance, it seems to be a very tempting and even rational option. There is a tremendous bag of money at stake and to win it, those interested only … Read more

Netflix: The MOST romantic Korean action drama to watch this weekend

Netflix The MOST romantic Korean action drama to watch this

The weekend is here and Netflix It is always the best alternative to watch our favorite movies and series in our free time. The platform is one of the most used in Mexico, since in its catalog we can find a varied offer of action stories, suspense, romance, korean dramas, among other. You do not … Read more

Movies: “Supernova”, heartbreaking gay drama with Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci

Movies Supernova heartbreaking gay drama with Colin Firth and Stanley

Very friends in life, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci share the shattering poster Supernova, signed Harry Macqueen. a road movie all in simplicity where they embody a gay couple on the way to say goodbye. To be discovered in theaters now. Dementia is one of those key subjects which, in cinema, serve as a solid … Read more

The drama of Tamara, the first expelled from ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’: “I have to take pay home”

1631645140 The drama of Tamara the first expelled from MasterChef Celebrity

‘MasterChef Celebrity 6‘, the talent show culinario with 16 famous and a jury made up of Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodrguez and Samantha Vallejo-Ngera, has premiered this Monday in La1 de RTVE with the expulsion of singer Tamara. Samantha Vallejo-Ngera, Pepe Rodrguez and Jordi Cruz in MasterChef Celebrity 6RTVE Before being eliminated, Tamara commented through tears: … Read more

Netflix: the best movies to marathon this Sunday, suspense, action and drama will catch you

Netflix the best movies to marathon this Sunday suspense action

At last this difficult week ends, full of moments that nature made us know that she is the one in control of the planet and that we are not as powerful and important as we think. For this reason we invite you to have a moment of reflection on what is happening in our home. … Read more

September 11, Amazon Prime: The report, the drama that reveals the secrets of the CIA

September 11 Amazon Prime The report the drama that reveals

As part of the big bets it has in its content catalog, Amazon Prime Video premiere The report in 2019. This drama garnered critical critical performance after a first appearance at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was compared to investigative films based on true stories like Spotlight. Scott Z. Burns, recognized for his work … Read more

‘Kate’, review: an entertaining nod to action and Japanese drama on Netflix

1631308174 Kate review an entertaining nod to action and Japanese drama

A professional assassin is hunted for breaking a code due to a higher order. This harassment occurs on two scales: the personal, because it torments her, and the professional, because it will be sought out by the affected family as a result of that old decision. Then, ‘Kate’ begins a fight against time and different … Read more

“How much is life worth?”: To see or not to see the new Netflix drama about the September 11 attacks?

1631165498 How much is life worth To see or not to

According to the criteria of Know more In “Hunger for Power”, Michael Keaton played Ray Kroc, a determined salesman of milkshake machines who, after insisting almost until exhaustion, convinces two brothers – the creators of the McDonald’s brand – to expand their business through a franchise partnership. Although in its purpose it finds many obstacles, … Read more