On the night of nominees at La Casa de los Famosos there was lack of control, intrigue and drama

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Laura Bozzo apologizes to Salvador Zerboni but Osvaldo Ríos seems to be the new enemy 04:54 Ivonne Montero and Salvador Zerboni seem to be on the tightrope of La Casa de los Famosos 01:46 The absence of Niurka … Read more

The Netflix teen drama that became one of the best in the genre

There is an element that can contain the films and that, beyond genres or tastes, no one can stop rescuing. It is about the ability of power makers represent people’s emotions in an original, genuine and intelligent way. When directors can not force situations, not repeat a cliché or conventional response. When the characters of … Read more

The movie on Netflix based on real events that is all the rage: the unmissable drama

The streaming platform launched a production based on real events that became a hit on the platform. Netflix keep up the good work and continues to launch different productions that quickly become a resounding successas is the case with peace treesthe new film that has just been released and … Read more

The tremendous drama and overcoming movie that you cannot miss on Netflix

Among so many titles, miniseries, documentaries or not so attractive movies, a tremendous and unmissable story is available in the catalog of the N. And it is not a premiere, but a classic from the end of the 90s that came to show a new way of analyzing mental health. Interrupted innocence is a 1999 … Read more

“My Policeman”: Harry Styles in the first look of the homosexual drama that will come to Prime Video

This is what the film adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Bethan Roberts looks like. (Prime Video) british singer Harry Styles he takes his talent off the stage and shows it on the big screen. After having minor roles in dunkirk Y The Eternalsjoined very large productions such as Don’t Worry … Read more

A perfect mother: 4 series to watch if you liked the drama that is trending on Netflix

Every week Netflix renews its catalog of series, movies and documentaries with new titles, so every week we find new productions that are positioned among the most watched. One of the titles that arrived on the platform a few days ago is a perfect mothera Belgian miniseries with an engaging plot that unfolds after 4 … Read more

“Claw”: Adam Sandler shows all his talent in the good Netflix sports drama

Advance of “Claw”. (Netflix) Adam Sandler awakens unbridled love, fanaticism, but also annoyance. Her comedy cinema, the one she sells to Netflix for some years, that no one likes but everyone watches, it is always questioned. The man does his business, exploits his most criticized profile and from time to time stands out in a … Read more

The moving story behind Gimme Shelter, the Netflix drama

Within Netflix we can find many movies that will make us move to tears. Some of them are dramas that were very successful in Hollywood, other more independent films that still attracted attention. In this last group is Gimme Sheltera production that starred Vanessa Hudgensactress that we all knew thanks to High School Musical. In … Read more

What to watch on Netflix: A heroic adult drama from the director of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ based on an incredible true story

Now with ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ we have seen consecrate to Joseph Kosinski as a great name in American commercial cinema, also achieving the difficult task of dress up as a spectacular blockbuster a contemplative and classic drama, with more personality than one might assume. It has cost him, after several unappreciated attempts such as the … Read more

A sunset in Tuscany, a powerful drama about immigration and family

Dolce Fine Giornata, known in Spanish as A sunset in Tuscany, is a captivating story about the diversity of cultures and thoughts in Europe today. It is a film of Polish origin, but set in Italy, and spoken in both languages ​​(Italian and Polish), it was directed by the Polish Jacek Borcuch. The film introduces … Read more