María Félix’s granddaughter reveals a new film and users assure that she acts the same as “La Doña”: VIDEO

Maria Felixs granddaughter reveals a new film and users assure

María Félix is ​​a name engraved with golden letters within the history of art in Mexico, specifically with regard to the film industry, since the actress known as “The Doña” consolidated as an internationally recognized actress. This is because María Félix was a woman who stood out and shone at the time of Gold of … Read more

María Félix: This is the banned La Doña movie that was canceled for “immoral” | PHOTOS

Maria Felix This is the banned La Dona movie that

Although María Félix was an icon, and most of the mexicans they adored her performances and seeing her on the big screen, the truth is that there was a film starring “La doña” that did not have the same good reception from the public, because it was a film that despite having a novel proposal, … Read more

Doña Letizia and her cinephile plan for next weekend with two great international stars

As great passionate about cinema What is it, Mrs. Letizia Next weekend you will enjoy an unbeatable plan with a truly luxurious company. Guest of honor, the Queen will be in charge of closing in Palma this Sunday, August 1, the eleventh edition of Atlántida Mallorca Film Fest, an act that will take place at … Read more