100 dollars for a sheriff: why John Wayne couldn’t stand his partner Kim Darby? – CineSeries

100 dollars for a sheriff why John Wayne couldnt stand

In 1970, John Wayne received the only Oscar of his career for his portrayal of the gruff and violent marshal Rooster Cogburn in “100 dollars for a sheriff”. A role and a project of which the actor was particularly proud, even if he had a lot of trouble getting along with his young partner Kim … Read more

What are the essential objects that Thalía carries in her luxurious bag of 3 thousand dollars

What are the essential objects that Thalia carries in her

The actress and singer was born in Mexico City on August 26, 1971, she is currently 51 years old. (YouTube Capture: Pinky Promise) Thalía Miranda Sodi is considered one of the the Mexican artists with the greatest presence at the international thanks to his career, since since he reached the honeys of success with Timbiriche … Read more

Cher asks for 85 million dollars to make you the new owner of her mansion in Malibu

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

How much would you be willing to pay for an Oscar winner’s mansion? After 33 years of owning this Malibu clifftop mansion, cher You’ve decided to put your old home up for sale for nothing more than 85 million dollars. If you also believe in love for one of Malibu’s most recognizable and visible mansionsthis … Read more

This is the mansion that Cher tries to sell for $ 85 million dollars

This is the mansion that Cher tries to sell for

Cher tries to sell this mansion for the second time. Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images the renowned singer cher has decided that it is a good time to leave behind old treasuresso he put his mansion in Malibu, California up for sale. The impressive property that has been owned since 1989 entered the real estate market … Read more

Luis Miguel would charge almost a million dollars per concert

Luis Miguel would charge almost a million dollars per concert

MEXICO – There is much speculation about the return of Luis Miguel to the international stage, after the success of his series broadcast on Netflix, and more about what the Mexican idol could be charging for each performance. More than three years have passed since “El Sol de México” gave a concert, a good part … Read more

Sting: cocaine, tantric sex and the 300 million dollars he refuses to leave his children

Sting cocaine tantric sex and the 300 million dollars he scaled

The singer, who amassed a large fortune, said that his children will not receive anything. He prefers that they work. REUTERS/Mark Blinch/File Photo The British singer, who amassed a fortune of 300 million dollars, recognizes himself as a socialist. After leaving The Police, his career as a soloist paired a diverse musical palette with his … Read more

John McTiernan returns after a 20-year hiatus with a new film, which will be “For a Fistful of Dollars on Another Planet”

What to see from Amber Heard three films available on

Almost 20 years have passed since the last film of John McTiernan. The director of action movie classics like ‘Crystal jungle’ either ‘Predator’ come back with a new project after the hiatus due to his stay in prison: ‘Tau Ceti Foxtrot’, a science fiction film that will shoot in Europe.

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Colombian revealed how to get cheap tickets for any concert: an Elton John ticket for 3 dollars

Colombian revealed how to get cheap tickets for any concert

In the last month he attended about 7 concerts. Photo: Diana Lara In Colombia, the lifting of restrictions on mass gatherings allowed the entertainment sector to move all the stages in the country, the same thing that happened all over the world. The rise of concerts in the country has become a kind of cult, … Read more

A young Colombian assures that Shakira is his mother and claims 200 thousand dollars

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

A young Colombian named Pedro appeared on television and assured that he was an unrecognized son of the singer. Shakira and the actor Santiago Alarcon. The alleged son confessed that he is seriously ill and that he needs to contact his biological parents to help him cover the costs of his illness, which he did … Read more

YouTube announces that it distributes to the music industry 6,000 million dollars

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

Google has announced that it has rewarded the music industry with 6,000 million dollars (5,895 million euros) between July 2021 and June 2022 for the use of content published on YouTube. According to the technology giant, this represents 2,000 million more than in the previous period. The SGAE already collects more with streaming than in … Read more