Controversy surrounds ‘Don’t worry, dear’, but that doesn’t stop it from being a remarkable piece of social science fiction.

Controversy surrounds Dont worry dear but that doesnt stop it

All the defects that you hear attributed to ‘Don’t worry, dear’, which hits theaters today, are true. His two hours could have used some conciseness and a cut of twenty minutes of footage. Some actors, especially Harry Styles, pale next to the extraordinary work of Florence Pugh. Y the film is the victim of a … Read more

Surprise! They filter why El Pollo Vignolo is not on ESPN: “It doesn’t tell”

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Sebastian “The Chicken” Vignolo walked away from ESPN for a few days and many fans of the argentinian football they began to wonder why. In fact, will not report on the sports channel on television national on the 15th of the Professional League 2022. the driver of F90 also usually leads the transmissions of the … Read more

Severance creator Ben Stiller calls it ‘really weird’ that Apple doesn’t share TV+ viewing data

Severance creator Ben Stiller calls it really weird that Apple

Apple doesn’t like to divulge numbers. It’s still unclear how many iPhones he sells, how many Apple Music subscribers he currently has, or how many people watch his original shows. This time, the company went a step further by BreakupThe Ben Stiller creator called it “really weird” that he doesn’t know how many people have … Read more

This is the SONG by Mijares that Lucero admitted she DOESN’T support | VIDEO

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

bright Star offered a recent interview in which he talked about how well he did on the ‘Hasta que se nos hado’ tour, and “La Novia de América” ​​also took the opportunity to talk about “If you had me”, song that admitted does not support that Mijares sing at concerts. But despite this, both have … Read more

‘I’ll never sing with him’: Priyanka Chopra wants to perform with Nick Jonas but doesn’t want to sing with him

Ill never sing with him Priyanka Chopra wants to perform

Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently revealed that she won’t be singing with her husband, Nick Jonas, preferring to perform with him instead. The Indian actress recently appeared for an interview with Variety and talked about her future plans with Nick Jonas. Read also : 15 Terrible Things Celebrities Did At The Start Of The Pandemic Priyanka … Read more

The Flash: Warner doesn’t know what to do with Ezra Miller’s movie

The Flash Warner doesnt know what to do with Ezra

The future of the DC universe and its movies is up in the air. The cancellation of batgirl has shocked the industry and fans of superhero films. Warner has decided to change the approach of his blockbusters based on the comics of the publisherprioritizing the cinema and the great blockbusters instead of content for HBO … Read more

Mickey Rourke doesn’t like Tom Cruise and lets it know – CinéSéries

Mickey Rourke doesnt like Tom Cruise and lets it know

The success of “Top Gun: Maverick” and its star Tom Cruise does not only make people happy. At the invitation of Piers Morgan, actor Mickey Rourke spoke harshly about the work of the actor and producer, saying that it “was useless”. Mickey Rourke is not a fan of Tom Cruise at all It’s the ransom … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown’s stunt double who doesn’t look anything like the ‘Stranger Things 4’ actress

Millie Bobby Browns stunt double who doesnt look anything like

‘Eleven’ has become one of the favorite actresses of the Stranger Things public, this thanks to the loyal friendship and heart that she shows to have when it comes to saving her friends. Originally from Marbella, Spain on February 19, 2004 currently arrives 18-year-old Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress and model. Her acting … Read more

Avatar: The Way of Water | James Cameron says he doesn’t want people “crying” over the length of his movie | tomatoes

Kevin Feige Says There Could Be More Black Widow Style Prequels

Full-length movies are not new; in the history of Hollywood there have been films of up to three hours, which is why in the golden age it was common for films to have intermediate breaks so that the public had a break, went to the bathroom or went out to get some food . Later … Read more