What fans expected to see in the Jennifer Lopez documentary and did not find

It is very common for stars to perform documentaries about their lives. These productions are in charge of showing us the difficult and surprising moments they experienced during their career, as well as the preparation they carry out to show off on stage. Recently, Jennifer Lopez decided to bet on this move. In this way, … Read more

Keanu Reeves is also working on his own documentary about Formula 1

Keanu Reeves is also working on his own documentary about

The paddock of the Formula World Championship has been filled with stars of the seventh art once again. Although surely the grill was not as crowded with celebrities and their respective security entourages as in Miami, but they were seen repeatedly movie personalities like Keanu Reeves, or the birthday boy, Tom Cruise. However, it was … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s sporty glam outfit in her trend-setting documentary “Halftime” that everyone talks about

No doubt Jennifer Lopez she is a world fashion icon and every time she wears something, she always draws attention, it is the news of magazines and fashion articles. Her spectacular figure and her great style have made her where she belongs among the brightest stars in Hollywood. On this occasion we will talk about … Read more

Depression, addiction and jail: the documentary ‘Locomía’ portrays the sordid history of the band

Although characterized by excess from its aesthetics to its convulsive internal history, all the participants in the Movistar+ documentary that tries to do justice to the legacy and relevance of locomia agree on something: “It was a transgressive band” and it was about time “someone took it seriously.” The audiovisual platform has just launched the … Read more

Ex Menudo claims to have been raped while in the band in new documentary “Menudo: Siempre Jovenes”

The HBO Max platform is preparing to receive one of the most anticipated documentaries of the year for the Latino community, it is “Menudo: Siempre Jovenes”, where it will delve into the trajectory of what is probably the most successful and legendary youth band of the history of the music industry in Latin America. Of … Read more

What to remember from the Netflix documentary on Jennifer Lopez?

What to remember from the Netflix documentary on Jennifer Lopez

After airing documentaries on Lady Gaga, Angèle and Beyoncé, Netflix unveils an energetic, timed and glowing film about the life and career of singer, dancer, businesswoman, Latino icon and incendiary actress Jennifer Lopez. Entitled Half-time, the program looks back on the ups (and a few downs) of a diva with 80 million records sold as … Read more

Jennifer Lopez reveals her mother used to ‘beat’ her as a child in new Netflix documentary

the global sensation Jennifer Lopez talked about his complicated relationship with his mother, Guadalupe ‘Lupe’ Rodriguezin his latest documentary Netflixhalf time . the singer of On The Floor 52, claimed her mother used to “beat” her as a child, leaving fans in shock. “She [Rodríguez] she did what she had to do to survive, and … Read more

Meet the terrifying documentary of ‘It’ with unpublished images of Tim Curry as Pennywise

Meet the terrifying documentary of It with unpublished images of

Tim Curry marked all nineties children and adolescents with his terrifying performance as Pennywise, which is why the release of ‘Pennywise: The Story of IT’ is being prepared, a documentary that will show unpublished material from this classic. If you consider yourself a lover of terror, you’d better make a space in your calendar, because … Read more

HBO Max’s ‘Menudo: Forever Young’ is the documentary that narrates the success and fall of the musical group

HBO Maxs Menudo Forever Young is the documentary that narrates

‘Menudo: Forever Young’ is the title of the musical group’s documentary. Photo: HBO MAX / Courtesy One of the most successful musical groups in history is Slight, which caused a stir around the world. Before BTS, CNCO, One Direction, N*Sync, and the Backstreet Boys, there was Menudo, and now the HBO Max documentary “Menudo: Forever … Read more

“Jennifer Lopez: half time”: release date, trailer and all the details of the documentary

Jennifer Lopez half time release date trailer and all the

This documentary production offers an intimate look behind the scenes that reveals the courage and determination that make Jennifer Lopez a music icon. (Netflix) The life and career of Jennifer Lopez will be narrated in an upcoming documentary that also follows closely behind the scenes of the American artist in the Super Bowl 2020where he … Read more