Marvel Shows More Action For Disney + In New Hawkeye Trailer

1634412645 Marvel Shows More Action For Disney In New Hawkeye

Kate in Hawkeye Marvel has published a new trailer for Hawkeye, his next MCU live action series that will premiere exclusively on the Disney + streaming platform. Unlike first trailerThis time there is no dubbed version of the trailer in Spanish. The good news is that it has been revealed that the series, also known … Read more

Science fiction, space and robots in these Disney + movies

1634405330 Science fiction space and robots in these Disney movies

Beyond the classics or the best movies in history, we collect science fiction movies on Disney Plus that cover all possible types, genres, audiences. From classic sagas like Alien or Star Wars to Marvel movies or blockbusters like Avatar but also other less known and original and exclusive to the platform if you are looking … Read more

Pirates of the Caribbean: 13 details hidden in the Disney movie with Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean 13 details hidden in the Disney

Return on “Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl”, first part of the saga directed by Gore Verbinski in 2003, and on all the easter eggs which are hidden inside. A little souvenir from The Lord of the Rings, a mysterious mark on Jack Sparrow’s face, a song that makes “Yo Ho” … Read more

New trailer for ‘Hawkeye’ ahead of its November premiere on Disney +

1634284477 New trailer for Hawkeye ahead of its November premiere on

Marvel Studios has distributed a new trailer from Hawkeye (Hawkeye), the new series starring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, which will transport us to a new stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new series will debut on next Wednesday, November 24 at Disney + with two episodes, offering us an exciting story in which … Read more

A gem: Disney + releases the official trailer for the documentary ‘The Beatles: Get Back’

1634149146 A gem Disney releases the official trailer for the

Although some do not want to accept it, we have no doubt that The Beatles is one of the most influential bands in the history of music. However, even though they are a very well documented group, there are chapters from their enormous journey that are a bit confusing. Especially if we focus on their … Read more

What Happened to Hilary Duff, One of Disney Channel’s Early Teen Myths

What Happened to Hilary Duff One of Disney Channels Early

Do you remember Hilary Duff? Do you remember his teen series and movies from the 90s and 2000s? American actress, singer, songwriter and businesswoman he is already 34 years old and it is quite a ‘madrassa’. Far were her screen romances and her dramas for being a teenager with a lot of desire to live … Read more

Premiere movies and series on Netflix, Movistar +, Amazon, Disney + and HBO October 11 – 17

Premiere movies and series on Netflix Movistar Amazon Disney

Yesterday was Monday, horrible Monday. But not today. Today is already Tuesday, and also a national holiday, so you can decide whether to stay at home and relax or spend it outside. Be that as it may, if you have a while you can watch all this this week, which as always comes loaded with … Read more

Another Marvel Studios minor character will have his own series on Disney Plus

1633640312 Another Marvel Studios minor character will have his own series

Marvel Movies Series Marvel Share0 As the great heroes of Marvel Studios are in the movies, it is the secondary ones who triumph with series on Disney Plus. One of the best characters in the series WandaVision without a doubt it was Agnes / Agatha Harkness interpreted by Kathryn Hahn, she is a witch who … Read more

A key actress from ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ would be a headache for Disney for her anti-vaccine stance

1633574376 A key actress from Black Panther Wakanda Forever would be

Before starting the vaccination campaign, we knew that another complicated challenge was coming for humanity. It was not only the fact of distributing the vaccines, also to convince people who, for one reason or another, refuse to get the dose. We are currently going through that moment, and not even the entertainment sector has managed … Read more