Rosamund Pike to Star in Promising Young Woman Director’s New Film

Advertisement Emerald Fennell, actress The crown, will once again sit in the director’s chair at the hands of his second film. The first earned him the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. By Federico Carestia 05/11/2022 – 23:11 UTC 05/11/2022 – 23:11 UTC ©GettyRosamund Pike. I did it for emerald fennel in Promising young woman it … Read more

What I see? The “best Robert De Niro” according to Scorsese, in the director’s most bitter and misunderstood film

What I see The best Robert De Niro according to

Almost four decades ago for this time of year, on May 7, 1983, Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis and Martin Scorsese presented at Cannes the king of comedy (The King of Comedy). It was the third time that a Scorsese film was included in the official competition after Alicia doesn’t live here anymore. (1975) and … Read more

“It was the most painful thing in my life.” Robert Eggers Clarifies That ‘The Man From The North’ Doesn’t Have A Director’s Cut And Why He Couldn’t Make A Movie For Marvel

It was the most painful thing in my life Robert

north man‘ is the new movie Robert Eggers based on the Norse legend that inspired Hamlet. The Viking epic is the director’s biggest project yet, although he has also confessed that he did not have the last word when it came to editing the film.

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Woody Allen asks for Iberian ham with tomato bread and Brad Pitt with cooked vegetables and salads: This is Rafael Catering, the Spanish pioneer who feeds directors, actors and other film crews for series and movies | People | Entertainment

Woody Allen asks for Iberian ham with tomato bread and

Woody Allen order Iberian ham with bread with tomato, Pedro Almodovar grilled fish and Brad Pitt cooked vegetables and salads. Raphael Catering is the Spanish pioneer in feeding directors, actors and other film crews, who has been feeding for seven decades in Spain and the rest of the world. Ben-Hur, Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra, … Read more

Samuel L. Jackson defends Marvel and answers Scorsese and other directors

Samuel L Jackson defends Marvel and answers Scorsese and other

Actor Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, responded to criticism and comments made by various filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Riddley Scott, Francis Ford Coppola and Alejandro G. Iñárrituabout superhero movies. The Hollywood veteran is filming Secret Invasion, the next Disney+ series in which he acts alongside Emilia Clarke. … Read more

The impossible film of the directors of ‘Matrix’ saved by Tom Hanks

1645918863 The impossible film of the directors of Matrix saved by

Lana and Lilly Wachowski revolutionized cinema in the late 1990s thanks to their acclaimed Matrix, the saga with which they broke expectations by breaking out of the blockbuster canon of the moment with its ambitious plot and iconic and unprecedented action. With this achievement they reaped millionaire figures and carved out a niche for themselves … Read more

Bullet Train: Hobbs and Shaw director’s action flick starring Brad Pitt postponed

Bullet Train Hobbs and Shaw directors action flick starring Brad

The release date of David Leitch’s new film, an action movie on a train starring Brad Pitt, has been pushed back. Former coordinator and stuntman David Leitch donned the director’s cap for the first time on the set of the first John Wick, alongside Chad Stahelski, in 2014. He then continued with the imperfect, but … Read more

‘The Green Knight’: ‘A Ghost Story’ Director’s Impressive New Film Is An Unprecedented Visual Waste

1634387034 The Green Knight A Ghost Story Directors Impressive New Film

Although David Lowery had already attracted the attention of many viewers with his wonderful version of ‘Peter and the dragon‘for Disney, his consecration would come with’A Ghost Story‘, an absolute masterpiece that set the bar very high. ‘The Old Man & the Gun‘was the first to succeed her ghost story, and now it’s the turn … Read more

From Sean Penn to Serge Gainsbourg, these 13 directors have made their children shoot

From Sean Penn to Serge Gainsbourg these 13 directors have

Sean Penn, Emmanuelle Bercot, Francis Ford Coppola, Serge Gainsbourg… What do all these filmmakers have in common? Well, for having their children filmed in their films! While many directors have once filmed their sons or daughters, these are often stealth appearances or very secondary roles. Judd Apatow or Clint Eastwood have, for example, several times … Read more