‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’: Guillermo del Toro gives the first details of season 2 and confesses which directors he wants to work with on his horror series for Netflix

The Cabinet of Curiosities Guillermo del Toro gives the first

Nobody is bitter about a good horror story, but if they are eight in one go, much better. This is precisely what has given us Guillermo del Toro in his anthology ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’ -forgive the redundancy; an irregular compendium as far as effectiveness is concerned, like all the productions of this … Read more

Warner hunts for two great directors for the return of Superman

The return of henry cavill like superman It is already a fact and DC Extended Universe He changes phases waiting for his flagship superhero of the franchise to present a battle against his great competitor: Marvel. The president of Warner Discovery, David Zaslav does not want to miss the great opportunity so he urged James … Read more

‘John Carter’, ‘Titan AE’ and the movies that almost bankrupted their directors

John Carter Titan AE and the movies that almost bankrupted

The box office receipts for these films were not as expected, one of them was considered the biggest flop of all time. What would we be without wonderful stories told through the eyes of great film directors, and even more, of the production houses that dare to finance their projects. We have had the privilege … Read more

5 films by the directors of “The Manager” that you can watch in streaming

5 films by the directors of The Manager that you

Films created by the directorial duo of “The Manager”, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat They are the creators of one of the best Argentine series of recent times: Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. The duo is behind the idea and creation of The one in charge, the series that has already broken viewing records on … Read more

This news will not please Scarlett Johansson. One of the best directors in history retires

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

One of the best film directors in history is retiring and it is news that actress Scarlett Johansson will surely not like, who has always expressed her admiration for the filmmaker. This is Woody Allen, who recently announced that he will complete his 50th film entitled ‘Wasp 22’ and will retire from the cinema to … Read more

What did the email that Marvel’s Kevin Feige sent to the directors of ‘Batgirl’ say after its cancellation?

What did the email that Marvels Kevin Feige sent to

the plans of Warner Bros Discovery They have given a lot to talk about. The most notorious, without a doubt, was the cancellation of batgirla film that cost $90 million. Although it was already filmed and in post-production, the indication was given that it will not be released in theaters or streaming through HBO Max. … Read more

Inexperienced directors and impossible deadlines: a VFX artist exposes the problematic working conditions with Marvel Studios

Inexperienced directors and impossible deadlines a VFX artist exposes the

For years now, fans of the world of videogames have been seeing how, little by little, the industry has been progressively becoming more aware of how to put a stop to what is known as “crunch”: periods of time in which the teams in charge of a production work more hours than agreed in order … Read more

Chris Evans versus Ryan Gosling on Netflix: what is The Gray Man worth from the directors of Avengers Endgame?

Chris Evans versus Ryan Gosling on Netflix what is The

With the Russo brothers (Avengers 3 and 4) at the helm and a Chris Evans-Ryan Gosling duel, The Gray Man has the arguments to be the summer blockbuster on Netflix. Is this action movie worth watching? What is it about ? “Gray Man” is the code name of CIA agent Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six. … Read more

The new thriller from the directors of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ arrives with a duel to the death between Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans: the best and the worst of the movie premieres

The Pythons already said that “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”, but this week we are also caught off guard by some billboard premieres who are a day ahead of schedule, landing the Thursday July 14 in our theaters with Spanish blockbuster sequels, fandom-adored actors, and a limited release of a hilarious action thriller ahead of … Read more

Chris Evans as Wolverine? The directors of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ want him to return to the MCU as the iconic mutant

The actor stars in ‘The Invisible Agent’, the film by Joe and Anthony Russo that opens on July 15. Sooner or later, The Marvel Cinematic Universe will officially introduce mutants. Although she already did Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with the appearance of Charles Xavier played again by Patrick Stewart. Hugh Jackman played … Read more