Tom Cruise has already been able to see ‘The Flash’, and as soon as he finished he had to call his director to tell him a couple of things

Tom Cruise has already been able to see The Flash

There is no doubt that, after the setback of ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’, DC needs to start building interest in ‘The Flash’ now, so the movie doesn’t hit the box office. The film, which seemed cursed after the fall from grace of Ezra Miller, seems to be getting off the … Read more

Quentin Tarantino prepares his end as a director: he has already written the script for his latest film winking at the film critic

Quentin Tarantino prepares his end as a director he has

Quentin Tarantino has been warning for some time that after ten films he will retire from directing (at least for a time), and we have always seen it very far away… Until it has already become imminent. For a while there was talk that his final opus would be a version of ‘Star trek’ or … Read more

“Your words are worth more than any prize to me”: James Cameron praises the director of ‘RRR’ and makes him an offer that is difficult to refuse

Your words are worth more than any prize to me

I would never have said that a video in which two film directors exchange praise and impressions would make me smile as huge as the one I bring you below. In it, James Cameron and SS Rajamouliresponsible for the Indian phenomenon of 2022 ‘rrr’they have a brief but intense conversation that ends with an offer … Read more

The director of ‘La La Land’ arrives with the bastard daughter of ‘Singing in the Rain’ dressed to the top of farlopa: the best and worst of movie premieres

The director of La La Land arrives with the bastard

The brand new and recently inaugurated 2023, fully immersed in the awards season, continues to offer us in its first weeks of life some of the best films that we will be able to put in our mouths during the next 12 months, and this January 20 was not going to be less. In addition … Read more

Matt Damon would sign on for a new Jason Bourne movie; this would be the new director

Matt Damon would sign on for a new Jason Bourne

USA.- It’s been quite a while since Matt Damon assumed the role of Jason Bourne, but now he is ready to return. Through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Damon will be returning to the d universe.and Bourne, Y Paul Greengrass he is also in talks to direct the new feature. Greengrass … Read more

Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt star in “Babylon”, the wild and chaotic film from the director of “La La Land”

1674174118 Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt star in Babylon the wild

Set in the 1920s, “Babylon” imagines the beginnings of Hollywood’s golden age through characters inspired by real stars. (Paramount Pictures) It could be considered that Damien Chazelle recreates a story about the search for success, enjoying it for a while, and then falling into the harsh reality that everything is too ephemeral and more so … Read more

HBO Alert: You have just a few days to watch this fabulous drama with Michael Fassbender from the director of ‘No Time To Die’

HBO Alert You have just a few days to watch

Before the ambitious leap into the world of Bond, director Cary Joji Fukunaga made an ambitious adaptation of a literary classic in the form of a gothic romance tale. And you only have a few days to watch ‘Jane Eyre’ on streaming. One of the essential novels of romantic literature is faithfully but ambitiously made … Read more

‘Rainbow Six’: Confirm adaptation with Michael B. Jordan and director of ‘John Wick’

1674002101 Rainbow Six Confirm adaptation with Michael B Jordan and director

Now that ‘The Last of Us’ is on everyone’s lips, Paramount Pictures confirmed that ‘Rainbow Six’, with Michael B. Jordan, will be adapted by the director of ‘John Wick’ Do you remember the movie Tom Clancy: No Remorse with Michael B. Jordan? Well, he’s back, and not in token form as Milhouse suggests to Bart … Read more

Iñárritu, director of El Renacido, in favor of consuming cinema on computers but assures that the industry has a serious problem

1673665380 Inarritu director of El Renacido in favor of consuming cinema

There is constant discussion about where and how to consume cinemabut Alejandro González Irritudirector responsible for The Revenant either Bard, has hit the nail on the head, highlighting what really matters and why cinema is in crisis: that ideas in cinema are dying. The problem is not how we see a work; whether on a … Read more

Simon Pegg Plays ‘Interested Fool’ as ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Director

The voice actors used for Hogwarts Legacy were revealed by Warner Bros. Games. Simon Pegg will provide the voice of Hogwarts Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black in the action role-playing game. “We saw Phineas in the [Harry Potter] books and movies, he was a portrait in Dumbledore’s office but this is a time when he was … Read more