Trailer of Dead for a Dollar, a western directed by Walter Hill with Willem Dafoe and Christoph Waltz – The things that make us happy

Trailer of Dead for a Dollar a western directed by

I’m here today on a demand of honor. Walter Hill premieres a western, dead for a dollar and I at least want to dedicate a few lines to this great director who recently turned 80 years old. And who is Walter Hill? As soon as you like cinema, you should know it very well. Director … Read more

Modigliani at the cinema: a new film about the artist soon to be directed by Johnny Depp | Knowledge of the Arts

Modigliani at the cinema a new film about the artist

25 years after directing his first feature film The Brave in which he starred with Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp will direct a biopic on Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. The film will be co-produced by Al Pacino and Barry Navidi, reveals The Hollywood Reporter. A tribute to the cursed painter. After a long hiatus due to … Read more

Salvador del Solar directed the new music video for Left Avenue Joiners, Javier Fuentes-León’s band

Salvador del Solar directed the new music video for Left

The rock band Left Avenue Joiners, also known as LA JOI and fronted by film director and producer Javier Fuentes-Leonreleased his third single titled “Why Can’t We Stop?”. The premiere of the theme had an official video, which was released through the YouTube channel of the musical group. The video was filmed on May 24 … Read more

This is what the Addams Locos will look like in the new Wednesday series directed by Tim Burton

This is what the Addams Locos will look like in.webp

Get ready to meet a new version of the crazy addams Because this week Netflix finally revealed another approach to Wednesday, its next series focused on that famous member of the crazy and iconic family. Although the streaming had already shown what actress Jenna Ortega will look like as Wednesday, now the platform and Vanity … Read more

Tonight on TV: The best movie directed by Clint Eastwood

Tonight on TV The best movie directed by Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood at the top of his game. His film, “Gran Torino”, is rebroadcast this August 14 on TF1, in the famous “Cine Sunday” box of the channel. Released in France in February 2009, four years after Clint Eastwood’s last appearance on the big screen in “Million Dollar Baby” (2004), this monument of the seventh … Read more

Bruce Willis Directed 21 Direct-to-Video Movies in Two Years: Let’s Look at Some of Them | Pretty Reel

Bruce Willis Directed 21 Direct to Video Movies in Two Years Lets

Bruce Willis is best known for some of his earlier work, from the Die Hard film franchise to Pulp Fiction. Recently, he quit acting altogether after his family announced that he suffered from aphasia. That didn’t stop him from ending his career with a bang, as he’s produced numerous direct-to-video movies over the past few … Read more

Intense trailer for ‘Blackout’: we already have a release date for the promising post-apocalyptic series directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Raúl Arévalo and more

Intense trailer for Blackout we already have a release date

It may be, by far, one of the Spanish series that I most want to see as a fan of the podcast on which it is based. Movistar Plus+ has revealed a first trailer and the release date of ‘Blackout’an anthology of five episodes that will take us through different stories set in a world … Read more

Filtered photos of Salma Hayek in full filming of her new film directed by Angelina Jolie

Filtered photos of Salma Hayek in full filming of her new film directed by Angelina Jolie | Special: Instagram The first images in which it appears were filtered Salma Hayek characterized by the character she plays in the movie “Without blood” directed by Angelina Jolie that began shooting in early June in Italy. The acclaimed … Read more

The tremendous dramatic film available on Netflix directed by Angelina Jolie

Many are the actors or actresses who, after a long career in front of the camera, decide to also experiment as directors. Even some, like Clint Eastwood either Robert Redford they became referents in both fields. This case also occurred with Angelina Joliethe renowned actress who stood out for many years with roles in great … Read more

‘Sicario: The day of the soldier’: why Emily Blunt did not return in the fantastic sequel directed by Stefano Sollima

Sicario The day of the soldier why Emily Blunt did

In a distant 2015, Denis Villeneuvewhich had just linked the premieres of two feature films as different and fantastic as ‘enemy’ Y ‘prisoners’ —both from 2013—, signed the extraordinary ‘Hitman’. A dry, raw and intense thriller that made half the world fall in love with its impeccable staging, its razor-sharp script, its pristine technical bill —great Roger Deakins— and by their interpretations; led by a splendid Emily Blunt.

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