Ivonne Montero confessed the difficult relationship she has with her mother

Ivonne Montero confessed the difficult relationship she has with her mother | Instagram Anyone would think that, by winning $200,000, anyone could forget about their problems, however, this was not the case for the winner of The House of the Famous two, Yvonne MonteroWell, despite this financial prize, his greatest wish is to reconcile with … Read more

“Mismatched” puts Neil Patrick Harris in the difficult moment of starting over

Mismatched puts Neil Patrick Harris in the difficult moment of

Neil Patrick Harris in “Uncoupled”, the new Netflix series A middle-aged protagonist’s expectations of growing old in comfort and style, with his wealthy and handsome partner in a luxurious Manhattan apartment, are dashed when the partner abruptly leaves. Dazed and devastated, the childless protagonist turns to a couple of old friends for support, as well … Read more

Malú’s mistake at her Starlite concert and other singers’ skids on stage. Why is it so difficult to go well dressed to give a concert?

Malus mistake at her Starlite concert and other singers skids scaled

maluone of the most important female voices in Spain, he returned one more year to Marbella to participate in one of the most demanded festivals of the summer, Starlit. The concert has been part of the tour with which he presents thousand battles, his latest album. Her public awaited her longingly and the singer met … Read more

Hollywood and family: some books about the difficult relationships between parents and children in the midst of fame and money

Hollywood and family some books about the difficult relationships between

Drew Barrymore is no longer looking for a boyfriend on Tinder The splendor of Hollywood, whether that of those golden years of black and white movies, to the mega productions of the big studios today, has been taken to countless movies, works of art, photographs, of what Not much is said about the stories of … Read more

On the edge of seventeen: a touching story about how difficult it is to be a teenager

The loss of a loved one marks anyone and impacts them in different ways. Not all of us deal with these situations in the same way, especially if this happens in adolescence, as it happens to Nadine, our protagonist in At the edge of seventeen. Since his childhood nadine it felt different, with a lot … Read more

BTS announces a break to “find their identity”: “We are going through a difficult time”

Three days after his first anthology album proof have seen the light, bts has announced your temporary break. It was at the BTS FESTA, the event they celebrate every year to commemorate their anniversary, where they wanted to open their thoughts and share them with all their fans. In the video they have published, you … Read more

«When I go out on stage at San Mamés it will be difficult not to get emotional»

When I go out on stage at San Mames it

Maika Salguero Fito concert in Bilbao More than a thousand tickets will go on sale tomorrow to see Fito in San Mamés Fito Cabrales and the director of Rock Culture, Xabier Arretxe, ‘Polako’, have presented in the press room of the San Mamés stadium what will be the most important concert of their tour «Cada … Read more

“Stranger Things”: why season 4 was the most difficult to record, according to Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger Things why season 4 was the most difficult to

what happened in “Stranger Things 4″? The Netflix series took another step on its path that began in 2016, with a first volume of chapters where the universe raised from the first season has been further developed. This work of consolidating history has not been easy for the production behind the program, as well as … Read more

“It feels bad”: Thalía would be suffering from pain and difficult times due to Lyme disease

According to Laura Zapatahalf-sister of the 50-year-old artist, there are times when the actress has difficult days before this disease that is transmitted by ticksaccording to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Laura Zapata details Thalia’s state of health The soap opera villain said that her famous sister has shared with her … Read more

The difficult moment facing Karol G’s shows in Chile: “They run the risk of being cancelled”

The difficult moment facing Karol Gs shows in Chile They

Concert producers in Chile are in a state of alert and uncertainty. Last week, the return of 52 communes of the Metropolitan Region to the Medium Impact Sanitary phase (yellow phase) of the plan We Keep Taking Care of Ourselves Step by Step, modified the capacity of massive events. After a stage in which there … Read more