Diana Carolina, the trend in social networks for broadcasting the Bad Bunny concert on TikTok | Music | Entertainment

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

A number of 26 thousand people connected to the Tik Tok account of Diana Carolina to enjoy, from your devices, the ‘World’s Hottest Tour’ that Bad Bunny offered tonight at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium. Fans dress in Bad Bunny style for their concert in Quito For two hours the user broadcast from TikTok one of … Read more

“This never ends”: Diana Golden warned Magaly Chávez about her ex Alfredo Adame

This never ends Diana Golden warned Magaly Chavez about her

The presenter and actor married Diana Golden in 1998, but their marriage did not last more than a year. (Photo: CUARTOSCURO – Capture from YouTube) Although several months have passed since Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chávez ended their romance, both continue to give what to talk about for the same reason. And it is that … Read more

Diana: Naomi Watts prepared herself in a mystical way for the film

Diana Naomi Watts prepared herself in a mystical way for

Many decades after her tragic death, Lady Diana still arouses admiration. In 2013, a biopic soberly named “Diana” was born. And to embody the Princess of Wales, Naomi Watts was able to count on strong support. Diana : the biopic of controversy In 1981, the world got to know Diana Spencer, a British aristocrat who … Read more

Meghan Markle in New York: this very dear nod to Diana for her dinner with friends with Harry

Meghan Markle in New York this very dear nod to

Meghan Markle winked at Lady Diana during a very notable outing in New York on Monday, July 18. The Duchess wore a watch that belonged to the Princess. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went to a restaurant in New York. The Duchess made a very noticeable appearance. She was wearing a watch that belonged to … Read more

Acapulco Shore: Diana Chiquete shows off her charms with spicy photography

The influencer and model Diana Chiqueteformer reality show member Acapulco Shoresurprised his followers in the social networksshowing off her charms with a ‘racy’ photograph in a daring outfitsleaving everyone with their mouths open. On this occasion, Diana Chiquete shared this publication on her official Instagram account, where she quickly added more than 20,000 likes and … Read more

Diana Foronda and the Girls of Rock 11: “Several women’s bands that I knew don’t play anymore”

Diana Foronda and the Girls of Rock 11 Several womens

It may sound like a truism, but what Diana Foronda says is shockingly real: “If a boy band has to fight to be visible, for a girl band the fight is double”. That is why it is more plausible that a festival like the Girls of Rock is about to celebrate its 11th edition in … Read more

Diana of Wales’s nieces shine at the Cannes Film Festival

If one looks closely at the Lady twins Amelia Y Elizabeth Spencer the comparison with his aunt, the charming princess Diana of Wales, it is unavoidable. The young women undoubtedly share the classic beauty and elegance, although the charisma of Lady Diit is unique and incomparable. Thirty-five years after their aunt, the Spencer twins dazzled … Read more

Los conciertos del finde: Estopa, Diana Navarro, Sôber, Mr. Kilombo, Chris Slade, Pancho Varona, Deltonos…

Estopa, que no hace mucho participaron en la mesa flamenca del concierto de C. Tangana en Barcelona, siguen desarrollando a trancas y barrancas pandémicas la gira de su disco ‘Fuego’, editado en 2019, su décimo larga duración en 20 años en los que los hermanos Muñoz han vendido más de cuatro millones de discos en … Read more

Is Diana Silvers from ‘Space Force’ Related to Julia Roberts? – Start

Is Diana Silvers from Space Force Related to Julia Roberts

netflix space force it still goes unnoticed by many people who love to watch the popular streaming service. However, its star-studded cast certainly stands out. Steve Carell returns to the world of comedy as General Mark R. Naird, but his on-screen daughter is also a draw. Diana Silvers plays Erin Naird. Although her career as … Read more

The Duchess: when the comparisons between the heroine and Diana Spencer annoyed Keira Knightley – CinéSéries

The Duchess when the comparisons between the heroine and Diana

During the promotion of “The Duchess”, many parallels were made between the heroine that Keira Knightley plays and Diana Spencer. Comparisons that ended up annoying the actress… The Duchess : love, violence and disillusion After Pride and Prejudice and the trilogy Pirates of the CaribbeanKeira Knightley is shooting a new costume film with The Duchess. … Read more