He made life impossible for Ernesto Laguardia and now he faces a terrible diagnosis

Ernest Laguardia October 14, 2022 4:35 p.m. The actor Ernesto Laguardia established himself as one of the young leading men in the telenovela Quinceañera where he played a young mechanic named Pancho who was in love with Adela Noriega, but who faced the evil Memo, who made his life miserable during the story that marked … Read more

Lily Tomlin Praises Jane Fonda After Her Cancer Diagnosis – Nifey

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Lily Tomlin has praised her “indomitable” friend and co-star Jane Fonda for her resilience after her cancer diagnosis came to light earlier this month. “She’s very outspoken and outspoken about what’s going on with her in every way,” Tomlin, 83, said of his longtime friend at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. “First of all, … Read more

Bill Murray replaced by Steve Carell in Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City due to Covid diagnosis | Pretty Reel

Bill Murray replaced by Steve Carell in Wes Andersons Asteroid

Although he was originally announced as one of the cast members of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, Anderson’s longtime collaborator Bill Murray was strangely absent from the list of stars aboard the film earlier. this week. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the reason for Murray’s absence was because the actor contracted Covid-19 days … Read more

This is what Bruce Willis looks like when he reappears after his diagnosis of aphasia: He was caught walking the streets of Los Angeles without the company of his relatives | People | Entertainment

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Bruce Willis was seen on the streets of Los Angeles some time after he announced his retirement from the screens after his diagnosis of aphasia, a condition that affects the ability to communicate, speak and even the way of writing and understanding language. The actor of “Duro de Matar” had been seen for the last … Read more

Bruce Willis’ wife focuses on her own needs amid actor’s aphasia diagnosis

ads More about: bruce willis Bruce Willis enjoys a sunny day with friends after aphasia diagnosis Bruce Willis plays basketball in his wife’s video after aphasia diagnosis Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis were once ‘very attracted to each other’ on the other’ Bruce Willis’ wife: caring for the family is taking its toll on mental … Read more

Bruce Willis reappears and impacts his condition after the diagnosis of aphasia

Bruce Willis American actor and producer whose career began in the television industry during the 1980s, has recently been seen again publicly after being diagnosed with aphasia. The actor has played various roles in blockbusters such as “Pulp Fiction”, “Sin City”, “Twelve Monkeys”, “The Fifth Element”, “Armageddon”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Looper” and “The Expendables” among … Read more

Why Cher Played a Key Role in Val Kilmer’s Recovery After His Throat Cancer Diagnosis

Why Cher Played a Key Role in Val Kilmers Recovery

As Tom Cruise walks the red carpet at Cannes, Val Kilmer he apologizes because he still doesn’t feel strong enough to go on long journeys. Val He returned from an intense and strong fight against throat cancer, which is why he is still not one hundred percent and has caused him to lose much of … Read more

The accident that Bruce Willis suffered on a set 20 years ago and that became relevant after his diagnosis

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Archive After the sad news broke that Bruce Willis retires from acting at 67 due to aphasiabecame relevant again an accident that the interpreter suffered 20 years ago, in which he had a heavy blow to the head that could have influenced your diagnosis. According to what a source close to the famous commented, the … Read more

John Travolta pays tribute to Bruce Willis after his aphasia diagnosis: He’s a ‘generous soul’ – Reuters News in France and abroad

John Travolta pays tribute to Bruce Willis after his aphasia

John shared sweet snaps of his good friend Bruce and said they became fast friends after working on ‘Pulp Fiction’ together. John Travolta paid a touching tribute to his friend Bruce Willis after it was revealed die hard star, 67, was giving up acting due to his secret battle with aphasia, which began to impair … Read more

He thought his neck hurt from watching TV, but he had the worst diagnosis: “I was paralyzed”

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Daily Star darren robertsan inhabitant of the district of Cynon Valley, on Welshwas at his family’s house watching television in July 2019 when he felt a pain in the neck and on the shoulder. What he thought was a simple pinched nerve ended in the worst way: he was completely paralyzed from the neck down. … Read more