Cuántas películas y series de Pokémon hay: del anime y los especiales online a Detective Pikachu

El fenómeno Pokémon es enorme. Colosal. Es más, los videojuegos -como sus spin-offs- son solo una parte de él. Una parte muy importante, claro. En VidaExtra ya hemos hablado del increíble merchandising, del paso de Pikachu por las librerías o del enorme universo en torno al Juego de cartas coleccionables. Ahora nos vamos a meter … Read more

‘From the inside’: Steven Moffat captivates again on Netflix with a detective killer and a priest on the edge

From the inside Steven Moffat captivates again on Netflix with

At the beginning of 2020, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatissarchitects of the appreciable sherlock, seduced some and disconcerted others with their singular modulation of the myth of dracula for Netflix. Moffat, this time solo creatorhas returned to the aforementioned platform, within the framework of the BBC and with the director Paul McGuigan shaping his ideas, … Read more

Enola Holmes 2: at what time does the return of Millie Bobby Brown as a detective premiere on Netflix

In 2020, precisely in the midst of a pandemic, Netflix presented Enola Holmes 2. This story, which featured Millie Bobby Brown in the role of the young woman, she was a success that made the public want more. The wait is over and Enola Holmes 2 will arrive in a matter of hours. The film … Read more

Arabesque detective Angela Lansbury dies at 96

Arabesque detective Angela Lansbury dies at 96

Angela Lansbury, actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood and eternal Jessica Fletcher ofArabesquepassed away at the age of 96. With the death of Angela Lansbury on October 11, few can still boast of making the link between this current cinematographic world, so criticized, so criticizable, and the glorious past of the seventh art, the … Read more

Daniel Craig Returns as Detective Benoit Blanc in “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” Sneak Peek

Daniel Craig Returns as Detective Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion

In the sequel to “Knives Out,” Daniel Craig reprises his role as Benoit Blanc, a master detective who takes on a new case. (Netflix) Little by little, new details of the next film of Ryan Johnson, Glass Onionswhich will be a direct sequel to Knives Out, the film that in 2019 achieved 311 million dollars … Read more

The two actors who will join Eddie Murphy in A detective on the loose in Hollywood have been revealed

The cast of the fourth installment of “A detective on the loose in Hollywood” is taking shape and, in the last hours, the two new actors that add to Eddie Murphy on tape: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Y Taylor Paige. The actor comes from starring “Super Pumped: The Battle of Uber”, chronicling the rise and fall of … Read more

‘True Detective’ confirms its season 4 with Jodie Foster at the head of the cast

After three somewhat uneven seasons in terms of quality, success and criticism, Barry Jenkins and Issa López will be in charge of moving forward True Detective: Night Countrythe fourth season of the HBO Max police anthology series. Already without Nic Pizzolatto (creator of the acclaimed crime series) at the helm, the new batch begins production … Read more