These are the demands of Ana Gabriel in her concerts

The singer Ana Gabriel is one of the most beloved on the continent. Her songs are remembered by thousands of fans in the Hispanic world who have admired the Mexican career for decades. The 66-year-old woman embarked on a new concert tour that will take her to different countries. In Bogotá it will be presented … Read more

Epigmenio Ibarra accuses Ciro Gómez Leyva of sustaining the “historical lie”; he demands an apology

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

MEXICO CITY (appro). – The producer and filmmaker Epigmenio Ibarra demanded that the host of the program “In the morning” of Radio Formula, Ciro Gómez Leyva, apologize for holding “the historical lie” of what happened with the 43 students of the normal in Ayotzinapa, in Iguala , Warrior. “What I do demand and continue to … Read more

The eccentric products that Ángela Aguilar demands as a requirement to give her concerts

Angela Aguilar is for those who do not know her, a young singer, exponent of Mexican music in the rest of the world and has established herself as a personality belonging to the “dynasty Aguilar”. For these reasons, among others, is that Angela Aguilarjust 18 years old, is conquering the whole world with her kind … Read more

Actors and actresses who had to undress due to the demands of the script

It is known that many times actors and actresses they have to do extreme things for different roles. Some do it almost by choice, especially method actors. Sometimes, these peculiarities are made explicit in the script, but it can also be due to the director’s point of view, which he believes is the best way … Read more

The aesthetic demands of Millie Bobby Brown to shoot the last season of Stranger Things

The premiere of the fourth season of Stranger Things has been one of the most anticipated events for the community of fans of the series in the last year. Millie Bobby Brown rose to fame for her character Eleven de Ella -also known as Eleven-, a girl with superpowers whose aesthetic was easily recognizable by … Read more

A strong choice is expensive for the Girondins, Ménès demands respect for Strasbourg, Irles (Troyes) does not take off

A strong choice is expensive for the Girondins Menes demands

Zapping Goal! soccer club Bordeaux, PSG, OM, OL, ASSE: the top 10 top scorers in Ligue 1 in activity Girondins: Poussin is expensive for FCGB but Guion assumes Author of a huge recovery fault in Lyon (1-6) on Sunday on the second Rhone goal, the one which precipitated the collapse of his team, Gaëtan Poussin … Read more

The surprising demands of Residente to give a concert in Peru

1650514275 The surprising demands of Residente to give a concert in

Residente has been in the eye of the hurricane after having strongly criticized the Colombian singer J Balvin, so much so that the Puerto Rican rapper mentions the national artist in his most recent single. And the eyes are still on the composer and singer after the list of demands that he gave to the … Read more

Resident: The demands of the singer after a concert in Peru

Resident The demands of the singer after a concert in

The Puerto Rican rapper, composer and singer René Pérez, known as Residente, has been at the center of the controversy for a few weeks due to the criticism he has launched against the Colombian singer J Balvin, to whom he even alludes in his latest single. . (Also: Why are Residente and J Balvin fighting?: … Read more

Belinda demands respect and denounces gender violence

Belinda demands respect and denounces gender violence

This time Belinda does not intend to remain silent in the face of the comments and assumptions that have come out as a result of her separation from the singer Christian Nodal, because on her social networks she issued a forceful message asking for respect for her privacy. “Throughout my career, the media have been … Read more

Mother clings to the bar and demands that they sell her tickets for a Bad Bunny concert: “I’m not going to get off”

Mother clings to the bar and demands that they sell

Updated on 02/11/2022 10:14 am A video that was made viral in Twitter shows that the ‘fever’ continues for the concert of bad bunny in several countries of the world, where tickets are already sold out and some countries even requested a second date. This curious fact occurred in Mexico, in which a mother did … Read more