What to watch on Netflix: This delicious movie features some wonderful Meryl Streep and Amy Adams and you have just over 48 hours to watch it

What to watch on Netflix This delicious movie features some

Now we pour it all into different types of social networks, calling it content but still being personal moves aimed at a platform, but before all this we had blogs. That phenomenon opened the door to peculiar things that should still have been locked up, although for many it was a method to get even … Read more

Nicole Kidman, the best photos of her delicious youth

If there is one word that defines Nicole Kidman, it is ‘versatility’. But that cruel game of defining a person with a single word becomes especially difficult in her case, because the complexity and courage of most of her works have taken her to land that makes her just one step away from the best … Read more

‘New cherry flavor’ (Netflix): the delicious and the terrible of the most bizarre series of the summer

1629212922 New cherry flavor Netflix the delicious and the terrible of

The best horror series classified according to the fear they will put you through Nothing devours innocent lives like Hollywood. We know this from his own movies, from classics like Twilight of the gods to more recent like Mulholland Drive O The Neon Demon. Innocent youths arrive at the movie mecca and are engulfed by … Read more

‘The things we say, the things we do’: delicious romantic comedy

The things we say the things we do delicious romantic

Do we find a person more desirable when there are others who also want him? This was stated by the French philosopher RenĂ© Girard in his ‘Mimetic Theory of Love’, a hypothesis according to which love or passion are not autonomous emotions that spring up within us from that special human being that awakens them, … Read more