The Alan Rickman Diaries: Two Decades Criticizing Movies

The Alan Rickman Diaries Two Decades Criticizing Movies

Photo credit: Cambridge Jones – Getty Images If it’s done right, there is nothing funnier than a withering criticism. tell it to Carlos Boyerofor example, who has become the most influential (and feared) critic in the country based on his peculiar self-confidence how he has fallen asleep in such a movie or how that other … Read more

Three romantic films headed by Hugh Grant, the great heartthrob of recent decades

This renowned English actor has been for several years one of the gallants par excellence of romantic films. throughout his career Grant participated in successful and varied romantic comedies, faithful to the style of the nineties. Hugh grant is the perfect example when we think of a stereotype of a heartthrob, with a gentlemanly style, … Read more

Val Kilmer’s reunion with Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: Maverick” and the emotion that was felt after several decades

Val Kilmers reunion with Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, stars of “Top Gun” in 1986. (Paramount Pictures) Top Gun: Maverick is a feature film that is causing a lot of excitement to the audience on the big screen, so much so that it has broken records with the action of the jets and the nods to the original film: … Read more

“You are Luke Skywalker, get used to it”: why it has taken Mark Hamill four decades to accept his great role

You are Luke Skywalker get used to it why it

“Why Star Wars did not make Mark Hamill (California, 70 years old) a giant star? Why did he work so little in the cinema in the eighties and nineties? I know I ask a few years ago a user in the social network of questions and answers Quora. The answer came through someone who knew … Read more

How much do you know about the movie Singing in the Rain seven decades after its release? | Cuba News 360

How much do you know about the movie Singing in

Text: Cuba News 360 Newsroom Singing under the rain it premiered 70 years ago in 2022. Without a doubt, the film starring Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly is a classic, and a very popular one in Cuba. Many of the national television film programs such as Historia del cine or Tanda Joven, had in their … Read more

The noise wars: how the industry spent decades turning up the volume on music in exchange for its quality

1646750698 The noise wars how the industry spent decades turning up

The sound quality of the recordings we consume is one of the great workhorses that music enthusiasts face. It seems reasonable to assume that the development of technology should allow us to enjoy higher sound quality than in previous decades. And yes, from a strictly technical point of view it would have to be that … Read more

These are the winners of the most controversial Golden Globes of recent decades – BBC News World

1641809373 These are the winners of the most controversial Golden Globes

Drafting BBC News World 7 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, At the age of 20, Rachel Zegler, actress of West Side Story, won the Golden Globe for best actress. The movies The Power of the Dog Y West Side Story They were the winners in an edition of the Golden Globes that was held … Read more

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter celebrates two decades

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter celebrates two decades

Exactly 20 years ago, movie screens welcomed the first of the Harry Potter films – “The Philosopher’s Stone” – with great success, ushering in what would become one of the most successful film sagas of all time. It had been only four years since the first novel about the adventures of the magician’s apprentice had … Read more

The Matrix: Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss relive the love story between Neo and Trinity two decades later

1640452307 The Matrix Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss relive the love

Matrix It wouldn’t have been the same without the love story between Neo and Trinity, played by Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, two humans from the future who discover the deception they were being subjected to by a tyrannical machine-controlled system, leading them to to become leaders of the resistance. Almost two decades later, the … Read more