Cold Case – Robert Wagner: the mysterious death of Natalie Wood his wife – Gala

Cold Case Robert Wagner the mysterious death of Natalie

Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood formed one of the legendary Hollywood couples … Then the actress, whose November 29, 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of her disappearance, drowned in 1981. While suspicions still weigh on Robert Wagner, the actor spoke for the first time in 2020 in front of the camera, to proclaim his truth. … Read more

Natalie Wood, 40 years later: mysterious death, alleged rape and the most beautiful face

1638484000 Natalie Wood 40 years later mysterious death alleged rape and

November 29, 1981. The world dawns with the news of the untimely death of Natalie Wood after falling off a yacht. Her fans regret it and think that a time dies with her. Others think of the curse that surrounds ‘Rebel without a cause’ (The deaths of James Dean and Sal Mineo also occurred while … Read more

The party, the GPS and a threat: this was how ‘Otoniel’ planned the death of a popular music singer

The party the GPS and a threat this was how

10-27-2021 Drug trafficker and leader of the Gulf Clan, alias ‘Otoniel’, in prison. POLITICS SPAIN EUROPE MADRID INTERNATIONAL TWITTER @IVANDUQUE In the extensive criminal record of Dairo Antonio Úsuga lies the plan to kill Colombian popular music singer Carlos Díaz, before being captured by the National Army in October of this 2021 in Urabá, Antioquia. … Read more

John Travolta celebrates Thanksgiving with his children Ella, 21, and Benjamin, 11, after Kelly Preston’s death E! News UK

John Travolta celebrates Thanksgiving with his children Ella 21 and

John Travolta and his two children enjoyed an intimate evening for their Thanksgiving celebration, which included 11-year-old Benjamin’s cooking! John Travolta, 67, kept Thanksgiving an intimate affair with her children She, 21 and Benjamin, 11. The 67-year-old actor shared a preview of the evening with a short video posted to his Instagram on Friday, November … Read more

Queen: Brian May’s unexpected confession about Freddie Mercury’s death

Queen Brian Mays unexpected confession about Freddie Mercurys death

On November 24, but in 1991 the world was moved by the death of the leader of the British band Queen, Freddie Mercury. He was only 45 years old and died at his home in London. Previous days, the singer, who had been away from the cameras and the stage for some time, had confirmed … Read more

“Eternals”: its screenwriter confirms the death of one of its central characters

Eternals its screenwriter confirms the death of one of its

It seems that the Eternals are not so. Kaz Firpo, one of the scriptwriters of Chloé Zhao’s film, confirmed that after the end of Eternals, one of its central characters is definitely dead. (Also read: “La Casa Gucci”: a real scandal that surpasses any fiction) It is about Ikaris, the Eternal who gives life to … Read more

Archangel: know what happened to the woman who caused the death of her brother by drunk driving

1637979245 Archangel know what happened to the woman who caused the

Days after the tragic accident that ended the life of Justin Santos, known for being the brother of reggaeton singer Austin Santos, also known as “Archangel”, The investigations continue to determine the causes and those responsible for what happened. On the other hand, the urban artist has expressed the desire to meet the woman who … Read more

The North Korean regime sentenced to death a person who commercialized the series “The Squid Game” in the country

The North Korean regime sentenced to death a person who

A scene from “The Squid Game” Netflix – Europa Press The North Korean regime is determined to take tough measures against people who view or distribute the series of Netflix “The Squid Game”. The middle Radio Free Asia cited unidentified sources within the Asian country that assure that a man who smuggled and marketed the … Read more

Actors who had dementia: Robin Williams was diagnosed until his death

Actors who had dementia Robin Williams was diagnosed until his scaled

In Hollywood, the cases of people with conditions related to the loss of memory and other brain functions are usually known by public figures who suffer from them, but there are some celebrities who until the day of their death did not know that they suffered from some type of dementia . Here are some … Read more

‘Tick, Tick … Boom’: Andrew Garfield cried in interview as he opened up about his mother’s death

1637726593 Tick Tick Boom Andrew Garfield cried in interview as he

Tamara caves –Sub-editor Journalist, proud spokesperson for the generation that is bored with life and addicted to Scrabble, who tries to watch, learn and write about cinema every day. Andrew Garfield, star of ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’, Spoke on Stephen Colbert’s show about the death of his mother and how the Lin-Manuel Miranda film helped … Read more