‘I thought he was dead’: Michael Shannon talks about his return as Zod in ‘The Flash’

I thought he was dead Michael Shannon talks about his

Flashwhich include Michael Keaton as Batman and Ezra Miller As DC Comics’ major scarlet runner, we’ll be presented with a story with a strong emphasis on multiverses and alternate realities. Considered one of the best superhero movies by James Gunn, the new boss of DC Studios, the tape will include several versions of different characters, … Read more

Gambit: Channing Tatum Confirms His X-Men Movie Is Surely Dead

Channing Tatum strongly feared that the X-Men movie Gambitin which he was to play the main character, never saw the light of day. The absorption of Fox by Disney and the recovery of the rights to Marvel series previously held by Netflix should logically benefit the MCU. However, the messed up return of Daredevil in … Read more

The wife of a Hispanic singer is shot dead and he is wounded

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(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- Ana Marcela Calderón González, 38 years old and wife of singer John Alejandro Jerez Chacón, was shot to death in a robbery where he was wounded. Four armed men who were traveling on two motorcycles intercepted the taxi where Ana Calderón and her husband Jhon Jerez were traveling to assault them, which ended … Read more

The Walking Dead: that’s how delicious is the modest dish that Andrew Lincoln prefers in fiction

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The most read Andrew Lincoln is one of the most recognized celebrities today in the world of series thanks to his character as Rick Grimes, the most representative role in his acting career. Despite having come out a few seasons behind the series, his name is a reference in The Walking Dead. November 15, 2022 … Read more

The singer Jazmín Zárate dies: she was found dead on her birthday

The singer Jazmin Zarate dies she was found dead on

Jasmine Zarate Aquino She was a Mexican singer known for being singer Y social activist, especially involved against the murders of women in her country. Unfortunately for her, her corpse was found on November 7, the same day he was birthday. Born in Cuilápam de Guerrero, Oaxaca, she was found lifeless with signs of violence, … Read more

The Walking Dead baptizes the new intelligent zombies, what is its name?

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The Walking Dead It is in its eleventh season, which in turn is the last of the series. In recent episodes, as in some of its spin-offs, a variant of completely new zombies, more intelligent and therefore more lethal. In the most recent of their episodes, these new walkers were baptized, receiving the most appropriate … Read more