The ‘ranking’ of the best Christopher Nolan movies: ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Inception’ or ‘Dunkirk’?

The ranking of the best Christopher Nolan movies The Dark

The British Christopher Nolan (b. 1970) is one of those film directors with a legion of unconditional followers to defend him tooth and nail and who, in any case, arouse interest among cinephiles every time they prepare a new feature film. Regardless of the quality of his striking work, he has achieved that his status … Read more

Stand aside Doctor Strange! The dark and unknown Marvel horror film available for streaming

Stand aside Doctor Strange The dark and unknown Marvel horror

Before starting with today’s recommendation, it is convenient to a warning: ‘Man-Thing. The nature of fear’, the 2005 film that you can see in Filmin (only in dubbed version, unfortunately) is not suitable for all palates. It is a Marvel character, it is a Marvel movie, but it is a production that failed at the … Read more

Rock Band Pink Floyd Assesses Selling Their Music, Including ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

British rock band Pink Floyd is exploring the sale of its catalog of recorded music, which includes some of the best-selling albums in history. Representatives for the band have been in touch with potential buyers, according to three people familiar with the matter who asked not to be identified because the talks are private. The … Read more

First Look at Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes in New Dark Comedy The Menu

First Look at Anya Taylor Joy and Ralph Fiennes in New

After the success obtained with Don’t Look Updirector Adam McKay He is already looking for his next hit. This time, McKay in producer mode has set his sights on the culinary world with Menua new dark comedy that promises the best dish for fans of the genre. Anya Taylor-Joy Y Nicholas Hoult They play a … Read more

Sacrilegio! Anunciaron la Semana Santa con msica de Dark Souls y Blasphemous

sacrilegio anunciaron la semana santa con musica de dark souls

Como si se tratara de una parodia, música de dos juegos con motivos religiosos judeocristianos europeos, Blashpemous y Dark Souls 3 fue utilizada para promover las festividades de Semana Santa en, posiblemente, el país más católico del mundo, España. En primer lugar, el Ayuntamiento de Yecla, en España, publicó un video con el tema de … Read more

Jim Carrey Says He Has ‘Mixed Emotions’ Over ‘Dark’ Version of The Riddler

Jim Carrey Says He Has Mixed Emotions Over Dark Version

Jim Carrey questioned the new interpretation of the Riddler in batman. The actor, who played an eccentric version of the villain in batmanforever 1995, said he has “mixed emotions” about playing in the new Matt Reeves movie. Carrey admitted that he hasn’t seen the movie yet, but hinted that he had seen footage of Paul … Read more

Will Smith’s dark night at the Oscars: much more than a slap in the face

Will Smiths dark night at the Oscars much more than

“This is a very beautiful night,” said Will Smith when he went up to receive the award for Best Actor at the last Oscar ceremony. He had never held an Academy statuette in his hands. He had been nominated twice – for his roles in the films Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness – and … Read more

Netflix launches a preview of 42 days in the dark, the new series based on a dark crime

Netflix launches a preview of 42 days in the dark

Netflix continues to bet heavily on the creation of original content, especially for the Latin American original productions. In the last few hours, the streaming platform released the first preview of 42 days in the darkthe new Chilean original series that will arrive on Netflix in May. The fiction, directed by Claudia Huaiquimilla and Gaspar … Read more

‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Tom Hardy was frustrated because he couldn’t hear what Christian Bale was saying in the movie

The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy was frustrated because he

for all The dark knight rises actor Tom Hardy wears a mask and modulates his voice to embody his character. Although Hardy was more than appreciative of playing the villainous Bane, there were some aspects of wearing the mask that frustrated the star. One of those aspects was wearing the mask, which Hardy found difficult … Read more