New AVENGED SEVENFOLD album. Special reissue of HAREM SCAREM. Single from THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

New AVENGED SEVENFOLD album Special reissue of HAREM SCAREM Single

New AVENGED SEVENFOLD album – HAREM SCAREM special reissue – Single from THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON AVENGED SEVENFOLD They will release a new album titled “Life Is But A Dream…” on June 2. These are the topics included: Game Over mattel nobody We Love You cosmic beautiful morning easier G. (O)rdinary (D)eath Life … Read more

‘1899’: The new Netflix series is ideal for fans of ‘Dark’ (and burdensome for the rest)

1899 The new Netflix series is ideal for fans of

Director Baran bo Odar and screenwriter Jantje Friese contributed Dark to the expansion of non-English speaking fiction in the international market. Science fiction lovers, wherever they came from, found a puzzle in a German-language story about time travel, which drew on the obsession with the eighties and which, together with The Money Heistbegan an offensive … Read more

‘1899’, the new creature from the creators of ‘Dark’

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LM Cabanelas Updated:11/17/2022 00:02h Save Related news He did not invent anything, but the mystery served ‘Dark’ to become a phenomenon. Three seasons, time travel and a plot that fostered intrigue rather than clarity, narrative trappings rather than linearity, were enough for the first German original series for Netflix to gain a foothold in the … Read more

Review of 1899, the new mystery series from the creators of Dark for Netflix

Review of 1899 the new mystery series from the creators

Baran Bo Odar Y Jantje Friese They blew our heads off with the science-fiction trilogy Dark. Now they return to Netflix with a new series of eight episodes of about 50 minutes on average: 1899, that not only reminds us of it but also expresses the best virtues of that one by recovering cast members, … Read more

Netflix’s “1899”: Can the creators of “Dark” repeat the success, but without time travel?

Netflixs 1899 Can the creators of Dark repeat the success

Before time and space travel became the allies of adventure fiction, the greatest human deeds (and infamies) were set at sea. “Treasure Island”, the Sandokan saga and even the melancholic “Moby Dick” had in common that which is deep, mysterious and dangerous. “1899” of Netflix he wants to recover that feeling of discovery, but in … Read more

‘1899’: The absorbing new series from the creators of ‘Dark’ is a disturbing sci-fi mystery for Netflix

Teaser trailer for 1899 the creators of Dark return to

One of the series of Netflix most talked about in recent years is ‘dark’, being usual that it is even highlighted positively by those who are more critical of this streaming platform. After its completion in 2020, it was quickly announced that its creators were already working on ‘1899’a new sci-fi horror thriller coming out … Read more

Andor 1×09 review: They don’t listen to us! – A dark future for Cassian and the rest of the galaxy

Dragon Ball Super Premiere date and time of the

We have here a new galactic Wednesday in Disney+. You already have available on the streaming platform of the house of the mouse the ninth episode of Andor, the new series of starwars who has been with us since the end of September. The series continues to explore slowly the previous years of the character … Read more

PUSCIFER Releases “Man Overboard” Video From Concert Film Parole Violator » The Dark Melody

PUSCIFER Releases Man Overboard Video From Concert Film Parole Violator

The recent limited engagement films of PUSCIFERwhich are a concert and a feature film: V Is For Versatile: A Puscifer Concert Film with music of the era V Is For… Y Parole Violator: A Puscifer Concert Film featuring Conditions of My Parolehave been enlarged for viewing through until November 7 (initially the films were … Read more