Daniela Luján gives details of her next film where she wears long blonde hair

Daniela Lujan gives details of her next film where she

Mexican actress Daniela luján share details of your next movie, is about For a lifetime where his character wears the blond hair and long, after several years of playing Gaby in A family of 10. Daniela Luján who in 2021 fulfilled 33 years old is also recognized as a singer, has participated in Mexican soap … Read more

The new life of an entrepreneur by Ana Victoria Beltrán, Daniela in Parents and Children

The new life of an entrepreneur by Ana Victoria Beltran

Ana Victoria Beltran Several of the main actors and actresses of the telenovela Fathers and sons They were engraved in the memory of Colombians by their characters. The actress Ana Victoria Beltran, who played Daniela franco, now has a life away from that role and ‘behind the scenes’ of national television. A growing startup that … Read more

Magaly applauds Daniela for her concert: “She didn’t do a cheap show, she changed her wardrobe seven times”

Magaly applauds Daniela for her concert She didnt do a

Daniela Darcourt He returned to the stage with two concerts (November 12 and 13) after a long absence due to the coronavirus pandemic. On this occasion, the sauce boat presented an impressive show, which featured musicians, dancers and light shows that delighted all the audience present and also the controversial television host Magaly medina. The … Read more

Daniela Rodríguez, contestant of “Falling in love”, dies: How did she die?

Daniela Rodriguez contestant of Falling in love dies How did

Facebook / Daniela Rodriguez Daniela Rodríguez, contestant of “Falling in love”, dies: How did she die? Daniela Rodríguez, contestant on the television program “Enamorándonos”, who married Darwin Cipion just four months ago, in what seemed like a fairy tale, died, as revealed this Thursday by different social networks and media such as People in spanish. … Read more

Daniela Legarda launches a new song, ‘Ultima vez’, and a book

Daniela Legarda launches a new song Ultima vez and a

Daniela Legarda. Photo: Instagram @danielalegarda Daniela Legarda It has been synonymous with constancy in his musical career, focused on the urban genre. As has happened to other influencers and also to some reggaeton artists, the ‘Memories’ interpreter has been bathed in criticism from time to time for her alleged lack of singing talent, however, she … Read more

“The love of my life is gone”: Daniela Navarro suffers the most painful blow of her life

1628048083 The love of my life is gone Daniela Navarro suffers

Troy Rizzo/WireImage Daniela navarro, known among Hispanic audiences for her appearances in successful Telemundo soap operas such as Land of kings Y Rent-A-husband, goes through the hardest and saddest moment of his life after losing this Monday the love of his life, his nephew Andres Eduardo, after more than two months of fighting a brain … Read more

“I really want to dance”: María Daniela and her Sonido Lasser invite you to their concert

I really want to dance Maria Daniela and her Sonido.img

In case you did not know María Daniela and her Lasser Sound, is an independent Mexican musical group that performs songs belonging to the genre of electro pop, techno pop and with touches of rock. It was formed in 2001 by Emilio Acevedo, who is in charge of composing, producing and creating vowels, in the … Read more

Daniela Tapia, actress of the series ‘Betty in New York’, visiting Ecuador | People | Entertainment

Daniela Tapia actress of the series Betty in New York

The Cuban interpreter visits the country. He is touring the Galapagos Islands. June 29, 2021 – 5:50 p.m. He has worked in productions such as Temptations, Mother Moon, Bella calamities, Rafael Orozco, the idol; Wild Flower, Celia Y Loquito to. The most recent through her character as Aura María Andrade in the series Betty in … Read more