J. K. Rowling : l’auteure d’Harry Potter s’attaque à Daniel Radcliffe et Emma Watson

J K Rowling lauteure dHarry Potter sattaque a Daniel

Nouvelle polémique et nouvelles accusations de transphobie à l’encontre de J. K. Rowling. L’auteure d’Harry Potter s’est en effet réjouie des résultats d’une étude qui va diviser, avant de s’en prendre à Daniel Radcliffe et Emma Watson, entre autres. l’auteure d’harry potter  de nouveau accusée de transphobie Les polémiques autour de J. K. Rowling se … Read more

Why you won’t see Rachel Weisz work with husband Daniel Craig again

Why you wont see Rachel Weisz work with husband Daniel

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig have worked on several projects in the past, but the actress says fans shouldn’t expect to see the married couple on screen together anytime soon. Weisz explains why she wants to work separately from Craig Weisz dated Darren Aronofsky from 2001 to 2010, with the couple announcing in 2005 that … Read more

James Bond : fini Daniel Craig, voici l’acteur qui devrait lui succéder dans le prochain film

James Bond fini Daniel Craig voici lacteur qui devrait

Alors que les dernières minutes de Mourir peut attendre s’affichaient à l’écran du cinéma, une question brûlait les lèvres de tous : qui sera le prochain James Bond ? Les cinéphiles vont donc découvrir un nouveau visage pour l’agent secret le plus célèbre. Le nom de son successeur a été annoncé, par la presse britannique. De … Read more

Daniel Day-Lewis is still retired from acting despite Jim Sheridan’s best efforts

Daniel Day Lewis is still retired from acting despite Jim Sheridans

Daniel Day-Lewis will remain retired from acting, despite best efforts to lure him back. Apparently the actor is also most displeased with “streamers”.  We’ve known for a while that Daniel Day-Lewis, the actor known for roles in films like Phantom Thread, There Will Be Blood and Gangs Of New York, has retired from acting.  Just … Read more

After Daniel Day-Lewis Reportedly Rejected Batman, Zack Snyder Admitted the Man of Steel Role He Wrote for Him

After Daniel Day Lewis Reportedly Rejected Batman Zack Snyder Admitted the

Retired English actor Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the greatest actors in cinema’s history. Although picky,  the actor won numerous accolades throughout his career. Most of his performances, if not all, have been critically acclaimed. The proof of this fact is that he has three Academy Awards, making him the actor with the most Academy … Read more

James Bond : 5 actors competing to succeed to Daniel Craig

James Bond 5 actors competing to succeed to Daniel

Two years after Cary Joji Fukunaga’s James Bond film No Time To Die, the identity of Daniel Craig’s successor still remains concealed. Among the sculptural Henry Cavill and the charismatic Aaron Taylor-Johnson, several names have been mooted the past months. Who will take over 007’s suit? The trailer of “No Time To Die” (2021) by Cary … Read more

Omega’s Newest Speedmaster Gets Daniel Craig’s Approval

Omegas Newest Speedmaster Gets Daniel Craigs Approval

There have been a lot of Omega Speedmasters over the years. Like, a lot. The Swiss luxury watchmaker’s website lists more than 100 models in its current catalogue, from the iconic original Moonwatch Professional to limited production Dark Side of the Moon models with dials made of meteorite to 38 mm models in Sedna rose … Read more

Daniel Day-Lewis gives update on acting retirement

Daniel Day Lewis gives update on acting retirement

Further confirmation of Daniel Day-Lewis’ retirement from acting has been shared. Irish filmmaker Jim Sheridan, who directed three of Day-Lewis’ most well-known films: My Left Foot, In The Name Of The Father and The Boxer, has opened up about the actor’s retirement. Speaking with ScreenDaily, Sheridan said: “He says he’s done.” “I keep talking to … Read more

Marvel Fans Argue That This Star is a Favorite Over Daniel Radcliffe to be Patch in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3

Marvel Fans Argue That This Star is a Favorite Over

After the official teaser debut of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3, many fans speculated as to who might be the actor playing Wolverine’s variant, Patch. The only visual the audience had was a guy in a classic white blazer and the iconic hairstyle. Wolverine variant in Deadpool 3 Over the past few years, there have been … Read more

James Bond : le réalisateur de Casino Royale préférait Henry Cavill à Daniel Craig

James Bond le realisateur de Casino Royale preferait Henry

Henry Cavill aurait été le premier choix de Martin Campbell pour qu’il incarne James Bond dans “Casino Royale”, plutôt que Daniel Craig. Mais l’âge de l’acteur aurait posé un problème. Jame Bond : Henry Cavill vs Daniel Craig En 2006, le public a découvert le nouveau visage de James Bond. Succédant à Pierce Brosnan (qui … Read more