Council imposes new requirements to organize dances, concerts and fairs

The Dallas Council It unanimously passed an ordinance Wednesday aimed at improving safety and imposing new requirements on venue operators and promoters of large events that don’t need a permit. Effective immediately, the ordinance establishes that venue operators and promoters must agree on a detailed security plan approved by the city before each event, and … Read more

This is how handsome Kevin Costner looked in Dances with Wolves

More than three decades later, we want to remember what it looked like Kevin Costner when he starred in the movieDance with wolves” in 1990, the film that established him as the great movie star he is today. the appearance of Kevin Costner in “Dance with wolves” was very particular, as he personified himself from … Read more

Is ‘Avatar’ a plagiarism of ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Dances with Wolves’? James Cameron is very clear that no and thus explains why there are similarities

The great success of ‘Avatar’ at the box office it did not spare the film directed by james cameron of certain accusations. The most common is probably that it is too similar to titles like ‘Pocahontas’ either ‘Dancing with Wolves’something that is still being discussed today, when there are only a few months left before … Read more

Nobody has asked for it, but someone has created a speaker with a liquid that dances with the music

Nowadays we have Bluetooth speakers for all tastes, but probably no other is as peculiar as this one. It is a device that, in addition to converting electrical impulses into sounds, contains a liquid that dances to the rhythm of music. We do not know how good this speaker sounds, because it is not for … Read more

VIDEO: Lady Gaga “dances” «Inside Cojutepeque!»

A viral video shows the famous singer “moving” to the beat of the xuc composed by Paquito Palaviccini in honor of the “city of sausages”. Lady Gaga once again drew attention on social networks, this time for dancing “Inside Cojutepeque”, a popular song from El Salvador. A video that shows the American singer “moving rhythmically” … Read more

The ‘Altego’ case or why the music industry dances to the rhythm of TikTok

Before mommy see the light, Rosalía published a 15-second video on TikTok in which she revealed a couple of verses of Hentai, one of the songs on the album, and it ended up being viral and the subject of countless criticisms. On the day of the release of the album, the Catalan artist used the … Read more

Karol G dances from bed with a sexy outfit and turns on Instagram

Carol G Photo: Sergi Alexander/Getty Images Carol G She has once again captivated thousands of her Instagram followers with a new video where she demonstrates her sensuality. from the bed with sheets, wearing a shiny black outfit, and singing and moving his body to the rhythm of the music. “THE MOST CHIMBA OF ALL THE … Read more

Dances With Wolves: Why Kevin Costner’s Western Is A Magnificent Anomaly

In 1991, Kevin Costner went on to direct for the first time with Dancing with the wolvesa western as crazy as it is unique. The western has always been a favorite genre for actor Kevin Costner, and this from one of his first major roles, in Silverado by Lawrence Kasdan. But very quickly, he aspired … Read more

Jomari Goyso shirtless and with his panties on display dances to the rhythm of Karol G’s reggaeton

Jomari Goyso Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images Jomari Goyso He has once again shown off his dancing skills in a video posted on his Instagram account. The fashion and beauty specialist danced to the rhythm of a Karol G song while revealing his naked torso and his underpants were visible under his pants. “Lol I’ll deal … Read more