How to dress at a festival: 13 festival looks to succeed and dance the night away

How to dress at a festival 13 festival looks to

Getty Images The ‘top’ way to go to Mad Cool Festival The music festivals that you cannot miss this summer 2022 After two years since the pandemic swept away events and social gatherings, this year has become the year of returns, reopenings and reunions. With summer, trips have returned, vacations in distant destinations and also … Read more

Martha Higareda shows off her charms with a spicy dance in an interior set

Mexican actress and presenter Martha Higaredaex of the chain Televisa in Mexico, surprised his followers through their social networksshowed off her curves with a “spicy” dance in an indoor outfit, which left everyone with their mouths open. On this occasion, Martha Higareda shared this publication on her official Instagram account, where she quickly added more … Read more

JLo on Shakira at the Super Bowl: ‘It’s not a fucking dance revue’

New York singer Jennifer Lopez recently premiered her documentary called ‘Halftime’. Although many fans hailed the release of this footage, several viewers sparked a controversy, because the artist revealed several of the conflicts she had with her Colombian colleague Shakira when she worked with her. On June 14, ‘Halftime’ hit the small screen through the … Read more

Video: Aida Merlano’s hot dance at Karol G’s concert

The concerts of the urban music singer Karol G have been a success, as different characters from Colombian entertainment and politics have shown their joy at the event. In fact, even Claudia López took out “the prohibited steps” on the night of Saturday, May 21. Due to the success of box office sales, the singer … Read more

The song that Chuck Berry wrote when he got out of prison, became a hit and shone in the 90s with the dance of Uma Thurman and John Travolta

The song that Chuck Berry wrote when he got out

Lovers of the filmography of Quentin Tarantino they know of the good nose of the North American director to select the soundtrack of his films, those songs that seem to sound better in the cinema than anywhere else. Such is the case of “You Never Can Tell”, the song written by Chuck Berry during the … Read more

Christian Nodal: The singer’s sister defends him after new controversy in networks for a video of them during a dance

Mexican country singer Christian Nodal is located in the center of the public eye after her recent scandal in which she is involved the mother of his former partner Belinda, as well as a leaked conversation that Nodal uploaded to his social networks. This time the singer is again in another controversy where users of … Read more

Claudia López took out her dance steps at the Karol G concert

The Movistar Arena in Bogotá witnessed one of the most anticipated concerts of the year. On the night of Saturday, May 21, the successful singer of the urban genre Karol G made more than 14,000 people sing and dance with her songs. Among these spectators was the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lópezwho, taking advantage of … Read more

Sam Raimi Defends Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 3 Dance: ‘We Wanted It To Be Funny’

One of Sam Raimi’s most memorable moments to come Spiderman 3 is the famous dance scene. Sporting an alternative look that is part of his “Emo Peter Parker” phase, Tobey Maguire dances in a way that makes many viewers laugh while drawing criticism from others. In the years since the release of Raimi’s third Spidey … Read more

What to see on HBO Max: the best Amber Heard is next to Channing Tatum in this triumphant sequel full of dance and friendship

What to see on HBO Max the best Amber Heard

There are supremely talented actors who make the project interesting by their mere presence. Others, almost the majority, need really appropriate circumstances. The specific role, filmmakers who know how to use them, etc. Amber Heard is one of those, and unfortunately his filmography is full of cases where he did not have the necessary role … Read more

L’Impératrice mixes joy and melancholy to dance

MEXICO CITY – \ French band L’Impératrice wants people to keep dancing to their disco music, but by composing songs like the ones on their album “Tako Tsubo”, they’re not afraid to talk about melancholy. “It’s something we like to do, mix emotions and not make a dance song with lyrics that only talk about … Read more