Killer of Oblivion: Why Watch Damián Alcázar’s Brutal Thriller on HBO Max

1633676792 Killer of Oblivion Why Watch Damian Alcazars Brutal Thriller on

With this, both Pascual Leon, Like the rest of their colleagues, they become symbols of everything that is wrong in society, but they also show that there are still some who are willing to do things right and force us to open our eyes and realize what is happening. Around us. Injustices are committed every … Read more

Damián Alcázar stars in the BEST Mexican police thriller that will be available on HBO Max in October

Damian Alcazar stars in the BEST Mexican police thriller that

HBO Max is getting ready to launch a new Mexican series: Killer of Oblivion, based on the Turkish series called Personality, in which the renowned actors participate as protagonists Damian Alcazar and Paulina Gaitan. The series will premiere in October 2021; However, the streaming platform presented the trailer for the new series produced in Mexico. … Read more

Fernán Mirás: from drunkenness with Damián De Santo to the day when Robert De Niro went to see him at the theater and congratulated him in dressing rooms

1628882297 Fernan Miras from drunkenness with Damian De Santo to the

Ignacio Sanchez Spicy question or gross dish? This Thursday, Fernán Mirás passed through the living room of Team flower and the “Intragable” questionnaire was encouraged. Very funny, the actor of ART He recalled some anecdotes from the past, such as the time he got drunk with Damián De Santo or when he met Robert De … Read more