La 2 dedicates a cycle to the great westerns of John Ford and John Wayne

the 2 takes us on a journey through the epic horizons of the American West and the heroic dignity of its characters, through the eyes of master John Ford and the unmistakable figure of John Wayne. Two legends who united his charisma and talent in front of and behind the camera in more than 20 … Read more

‘Xacobeo matters’, a cycle with concerts in five cities

The director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, presented the poster of performances in an act in which she was accompanied by the mayor of La Coruña, Inés Rey. Outstanding exponents of soul, blues or contemporary jazz such as Path Metheny, León Bridges or the famous band Simple Minds complete this year’s program, which will … Read more

Flor Peña’s blunt message at the beginning of La pu*@ ama, her new cycle: “If you find it offensive…”

At 22 punctual, and once finished THE Mstarted the pu*@ lovesthe program with which Florence Pena disembarks in America. In this new proposal, the actress seeks to give her stamp to a typical late night. In this way, through monologues, sketches, interviews and guests, Peña is encouraged to a format that is not the easiest … Read more

Cycle enCantados: the 5 next intimate concerts

In 2019 was born delighteda beautiful project created by two wonderful professionals who left their mark on EL PERIÓDICO: the music journalist Nuria Martorell and the graphic designer Francina Cortes. His idea was to organize intimate concerts by emerging musicians for a small audience who would then be hung on Youtube and that they would … Read more

Cycle Ida Lupino: essential filmmaker | The voice

American director Ida Lupino (1918 – 1995) challenged the passive and often decorative images of women in Hollywood productions of her time. She wanted to “make movies about poor, completely lost people, because that’s who we all are.” Her heroines were young women whose middle-class security had been destroyed by trauma: unwanted pregnancies, polio, rape, … Read more

Mujeres en Vivo kicks off, a cycle of concerts dedicated to female artists

Despite the difficulties in the production of concerts in recent years, La Noche en Vivo has always done everything possible to overcome adversity. That is why we can announce the celebration of the 3rd edition of the Live Women Festival. This concert festival is committed to giving visibility to female artists through a program focused … Read more

End of cycle. With words full of emotion and gratitude, Silvia Martínez Cassina said goodbye to eltrece

After 30 years at Artear, Silvia Martínez Cassina said goodbye to Newscast Thirteen and from that sign. With thanks to everyone and surrounded by the affection of her colleagues, the journalist closed her long cycle on the channel. “The balance is wonderful and I thank you”. A while before, through her Twitter account, he had … Read more

the melancholy end of the Daniel Craig cycle (in UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and VOD)

Artistic note: (3/5). Summary: James Bond has left the secret service and is living happy days in Jamaica. But his tranquility is short-lived as his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA arrives to ask for his help in rescuing a scientist who has just been kidnapped. But the mission turns out to be much … Read more

Cycle of lyrical singing concerts in Trintxerpe

The composer and pianist Josu Elberdin, one of the protagonists of the Pasaia Singing Week, in front of the Pasaia Musikal headquarters, in Trintxerpe. / VINEYARDS The program, included in Illumbe’s golden anniversary, will feature artists linked to this association and the Pasaia Musikal school Within the activities scheduled to commemorate the 50th anniversary of … Read more

The Emmet Cohen Trio resumes the New York All Stars cycle

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 28.01.2022 10:01:25 The fascinating sound cycle New York Jazz All Stars It is a space where lovers of the genre can meet their favorite artists and where the general public can be seduced by new and daring rhythms. Between wonderful concerts and master classes, this space is a collaboration with … Read more