She was a successful tennis player, she abandoned it to succeed in the gold cinema, but a powerful stalker cut short her dreams

The “Golden Age of Mexican cinema“Undoubtedly, he marked history forever as he gave way to great actors and actresses who will never be forgotten. Golden Cinema was a period in the history of mexican cinema that began in 1936 and led the country to become the center of commercial films in Latin America, one of … Read more

About 300 people cut traffic to move a party in a concert hall in Bobadilla to the street

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

The popular comedian and journalist from Almería, Pepe Céspedes, used to say that “Halloween used to make sense, when scary movies were cheap”. Maybe not before, but today there are many who refuse to allow a weekday between holidays to ruin their bridge plans. And it is already known that the desire to party, on … Read more

We interview Cut Copy, the Australian indie dance band

We interview Cut Copy the Australian indie dance band

We interview Cut Copy, the Australian indie dance band that will soon perform in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Madrid While for many bands the hiatus due to the pandemic was an ideal moment to create, the Australians Cut Copy took it as a time of rest, retrospective and reflection. Just before confinement they finished their latest … Read more

You can now watch Spider-Man: No Way Home (Extended Cut) online

You can now watch Spider Man No Way Home Extended Cut

Sony Pictures Entertainment The extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available online to watch. It’s the same movie, but with more deleted scenes. Spider-Man: No Way Home (Extended Cut) can now be seen online. As reported by insider Amit Chaudhari, the version officially titled “More Fun Stuff” is now available online for … Read more

Isla Fisher once revealed she was heartbroken at being cut from ‘The Simpsons movie’ – Noufelle FR

Isla Fisher once revealed she was heartbroken at being cut

Actress Isla Fisher has already managed to land a role in The Simpsons movie. As a fan of the show, Fischer was beyond excited to be a part of the animated feature. Until she was cut from the film, which later left her in a bad mood. Isla Fisher had a successful career in animated … Read more

Katie Holmes: new cut, piercing and sculptural look, she caused a sensation for her last public appearance

Katie Holmes new cut piercing and sculptural look she caused

This Wednesday, September 14, Katie Holmes caused a stir at the Tom Ford fashion show. In a 100% black outfit, the actress unveiled a new haircut and a nose piercing. Katie Holmes wasn’t on the Fashion Week catwalk, yet all eyes were on her. This Wednesday, September 14, the actress caused a sensation at the … Read more

Tim Roth teases She-Hulk scene with Mark Ruffalo may not be in show’s final cut | Pretty Reel

Tim Roth teases She Hulk scene with Mark Ruffalo may not

Tim Roth spoke about filming with Mark Ruffalo on She-Hulk, but he’s not sure if the scenes are on the show or not. marvel studios Tim Roth’s return to the MCU in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law set up a reunion between Emil Blonsky and Bruce Banner, but the actor questioned whether any filmed scenes involving … Read more

Warner Regrets Zack Snyder’s Justice League ‘Snyder Cut’

Warner Regrets Zack Snyders Justice League Snyder Cut

Warner Bros Discovery It is undergoing a restructuring in which several of its projects and structures are yet to be defined. The most immediate example may be the cancellation of several films, including batgirlor the uncertainty with Ezra Miller and the next movie about Flash. Added to this is another open debate, also linked to … Read more

9 ½ weeks: Adrian Lyne wanted to “break” Kim Basinger for a shock scene cut during editing – CinéSéries

9 ½ weeks Adrian Lyne wanted to break Kim Basinger

SUMMER FILE / PART 3 – To get the performance he wanted from the actress and capture the emotional intensity of a suffocating affair, Adrian Lyne pushed Kim Basinger over the edge during production of ‘9 ½ Weeks’ . The culmination of this painful experience for the actress is probably the filming of a scene … Read more