The story behind Coldplay’s autographed guitar that will be used to build 200 custom bikes

The story behind Coldplays autographed guitar that will be used

The British band Coldplay decided to collaborate with the Jean Maggi Foundation by donating a self-reinforced guitar Hello, my name is Amparo and I am the daughter of Jean Maggie. We are from Cordoba, Argentina. We have a Netflix documentary produced by Oscar winner Juan José Campanella, The infinite limit, showing his ascent of my … Read more

Camilo revealed the truth about a strange custom he has during his concerts | What did he say?

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

At 28 years old, Camilo Echeverry has managed to be one of the most listened to singers in Colombia and in the world. The coffee grower, born in Medellín, began his artistic career when he was just a child, and today he has seen the fruits of his discipline and experience. In the present, one … Read more

Sylvester Stallone and the custom car that brought him thousands of dollars

Sylvester Stallone, a veteran Hollywood reference since his performance as Rocky Balboa, Rambo among other film successes, decided to make an important change to one of his cars, which increased his assets. We show you the details… May 30, 2022 9:28 p.m. Sylvester Stallone is an icon of cinema in Hollywood and the world, remembered … Read more

Adele celebrates her 34th birthday: pajama party, custom sequin dress and selfies without makeup

On May 5, the singer Adele celebrated her 34th birthday and it made him, above all, happy. She herself has wanted to tell it through her social networks, in which she has given thanks for the sweet vital moment that she is going through. Before her almost 50 million Instagram followers and her 27 Twitter … Read more

Helen Mirren brings to the fore the custom of the stars that only feeds a fictional ego

1649543771 Helen Mirren brings to the fore the custom of the

Criticizing your work is not a dish of good taste. To no one, period. Neither for Hollywood stars, nor for mere mortals. However, in many professions they are simply occupational hazards. A chef needs to know what experts and diners think in order to innovate, maintain or change his recipes. In many companies, employees undergo … Read more

The impressive custom looks that Dua Lipa has premiered at her most anticipated concert

If you had any doubt Dua Lipa is definitely the queen of y2k style on and off stage, we have the example that corroborates it. The long-awaited start of the tour Future Nostalgia which took place this week at the FTX Arena in Miami, has been quite a show, not only because of his impeccable … Read more

A custom video: so we can select which images appear in a memory in the Photos app of our iPhone or iPad

A custom video so we can select which images appear

In the Photos app of our iPhone or iPad Siri create memories from photos and videos from our photo library to remember special occasions. Siri selects these images based on certain information, but we can always customize the selection to have a memory just tailored for us. An ideal customization for a personal touch On … Read more

“Snake eyes”, the nickname with which they call Michael Caine for a curious custom

1630063654 Snake eyes the nickname with which they call Michael Caine

Sir Michael Caine He is one of the most recognized actors in the history of England. Two Oscar Winner (Hanna and her sisters and The rules of the Cider House) and nominated four more times, he continues to work tirelessly, releasing films every year since his debut in Hell in korea from 1956. Despite his … Read more