This is how Doña Cuquita reacted when she found out that Vicente Fernández was unfaithful to her

Written in CELEBRITIES the 5/13/2022 3:02 p.m. The life of Vicente Fernández and his family will be exposed once again on national television with the premiere of the second season of the series “The last king: the son of the people”, starring Pablo Montero, under the direction of Juan Osorio. The series whose content has … Read more

Televisa challenges Cuquita Abarca: Characters revealed for part 2 of Vicente Fernández’s bioseries

Televisa challenges Cuquita Abarca Characters revealed for part 2 of

Mexico City.- again Televisa is in the middle of the scandal, because again there would be challenged Cuquita Abarcabecause they have just revealed some of the characters that could be seen in second part from the bioseries of Vicente Fernandezwhich is accused of being “illegal” and has upset the entire Fernandez dynasty. Related news Click … Read more

Fernández Dynasty sinks Televisa: Cuquita wins lawsuit and Vicente Fernández series is canceled

Fernandez Dynasty sinks Televisa Cuquita wins lawsuit and Vicente Fernandez

Mexico City.- A statement from Mrs. cuquita coversin which the Fernández dynasty returns to sink Televisabecause in this they affirm that they have won the lawsuit against the television station, pointing out that for this reason they must cancel transmission from the series about the life of Vicente Fernandez. Related news Click here and discover … Read more

After suing Televisa for a Vicente Fernández bioseries, Doña Cuquita sends a strong message

After suing Televisa for a Vicente Fernandez bioseries Dona Cuquita

Mexico City.- After having released a statement through their social networks, in which the Fernández family indicated that they will not allow Television and Univision broadcast the series Vicente Fernandez whose name is The Last King: The Son of the Peoplebecause “dozens of evidence were exhibited in which Televisa incurred in unauthorized use and for … Read more

VIDEO: Alejandro Fernández has a nice gesture with Doña Cuquita and sends her flying

VIDEO Alejandro Fernandez has a nice gesture with Dona Cuquita

Although only three months have passed since the death of Don Vicente Fernandez after it ceased to exist on December 12, the youngest son of the “Charro de Huentitán”, Alejandro Fernández continues to be very close to his family, and in particular to his well-known mother, Doña Cuquita, whom he decided to take to a … Read more

María del Refugio Abarca, ‘doña Cuquita’: Who is Vicente Fernández’s wife?

Maria del Refugio Abarca dona Cuquita Who is Vicente Fernandezs.webp

Getty Images María del Refugio Abarca, ‘doña Cuquita’: Who is Vicente Fernández’s wife? It has always been said that behind a great man, there is a great woman. So it seems that he applied the saying to the deceased today Vicente Fernandez, “Chente”, who in recent months was known to have had the unconditional love … Read more

Vicente Fernández: How much is the fortune of “El Charro de Huentitán” and his wife Doña Cuquita

Vicente Fernandez How much is the fortune of El Charro

It was recently revealed that Vicente Fernández left the intensive care area of ​​the Country 200 hospital, after more than three months of hospitalization. “El Charro de Huentitán” showed improvements in his health, which filled the Fernández dynasty and all the admirers of the popular Mexican singer with happiness. Doña Cuquita, Chente’s wife also showed … Read more

Doña Cuquita REAPPEARS and breaks the silence for the FIRST time on Vicente Fernández’s HEALTH | VIDEO

Dona Cuquita REAPPEARS and breaks the silence for the FIRST

Tranquility seems to finally be reigning within the family Fernandez, after the noticeable improvement it has shown ‘Chente‘in recent weeks inside the Country 2000 in Guadalajara. On the night of Wednesday, November 3, the latest medical report was released on the charro’s official Instagram account, where it is highlighted that his evolution is “very satisfactory“. … Read more