Cumbia, rock, reggae and funk concerts; Popular art; and recreation in natural areas, the attractions of Cuenca to celebrate 202 years of independence | Ecuador | News

Cumbia rock reggae and funk concerts Popular art and recreation

Basin about 3 hours ago Although Cuenca’s agenda has activities throughout November, within the framework of the independence festival that is commemorated on November 3, the main events will take place that day and on Saturday 5. Next week, between November 3 and 6, Ecuador will experience a four-day holiday for the independence celebration and … Read more

To the rhythm of “Cumbia Real” and… campaign, Ricardo Monreal starred in a new music video

To the rhythm of Cumbia Real and campaign Ricardo Monreal

Cumbia Real, song by Ricardo Monreal. Photo: Morena TV As if it were campaign time, Ricardo Monreal starred in a new music video in which various citizens are observed to show their support and preference for the senator brunette to the rhythm of theReal Cumbia”. The recording was made by Monri Moments Productions and published … Read more

Colombian psychedelic cumbia musician performs in Durham

Colombian psychedelic cumbia musician performs in Durham

Durham.- With the aim of raising funds, the psychedelic cumbia performer Kiko Villamizar will perform this Thursday, August 8, in Durham. Prior to his performance at the North Carolina Folk Festival in Greensboro this weekend, the Miami-born musician of Colombian blood makes a stopover in Durham to participate in an event for human rights and … Read more

How much does Margarita ‘La Diosa de la Cumbia’ charge per concert?

Daisy flower ‘The Goddess of Cumbia‘ is one of the most beloved participants in ‘MasterChef Celebrity 2022’. The singer has won the hearts of the public so they can not wait to see her in concertif you want to know How much do you charge by show we tell you below. ‘MasterChef Celebrity 2022’ began … Read more

Walther Lozada, musical director of Armonía 10, passed away: “Today the Peruvian cumbia is in mourning”

Walther Lozada musical director of Armonia 10 passed away Today

Walther Lozada, leader of Armonía 10, passed away. Walther Arturo Lozada Floriano, music director of the very first Harmony 10, passed away this Monday, July 25, after being hospitalized due to health complications at a clinic in Piura. This was announced by the cumbia group through its social networks, with an extensive farewell message. “With … Read more

Bonny Lovy, the Bolivian singer known as the ‘Good Rabbit’ triumphs in cumbia

Bonny Lovy the Bolivian singer known as the Good Rabbit

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Members of La Adictiva venture into reggaeton and sing Bad Bunny’s hit 01:23 Myriam Hernández presents her new album ‘Sinergia’ and announces a US tour. 02:10 Jay Max talks about the important role his mom plays in supporting … Read more

Juanes gives everything at the Botánico: cumbia, ballads and even metal

Juanes gives everything at the Botanico cumbia ballads and even

Are cover albums a symptom of artistic weakness? More than one has thought about it, perhaps on occasion with good reason: if ideas run out in the first person and the muses persevere in giving pumpkins, there is always the option of embracing the repertoire of others, imbuing it with something of their own personality, … Read more

Who was El Noba, the singer of “Cumbia 420” who died after ten days in hospital

Who was El Noba the singer of Cumbia 420 who

After spending 10 days hospitalized for the fatal accident he suffered, the singer of “Cumbia 420” Lautaro Colonelpopularly known as The Noba. During his short career in music, he knew how to make a place for himself in the field without forgetting his origins, since the neighborhood that saw him grow up was always present … Read more

Passion for motorcycles, cumbia 420 and the origin of his nickname: who is “El Noba”, the singer who is fighting for his life today

Passion for motorcycles cumbia 420 and the origin of his

“El Noba”, a benchmark of Cumbia 420 Tuesday afternoon, Lautaro Colonelbetter known as “The Noba”suffered a violent traffic accident in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela, which is why he had to be transferred to a hospital. “His condition is desperate”they explained to Infobae just hours after the unfortunate episode. The sinister road that … Read more

La Santanera and La Dinamita seek to conquer the hearts of young people with cumbia | Video

1648199246 La Santanera and La Dinamita seek to conquer the hearts

Posted at 21:59 ET (01:59 GMT) Thursday, March 24, 2022 playing 2:33 Posted at 23:28 ET (03:28 GMT) Thursday, March 24, 2022 1:10 Posted at 16:18 ET (20:18 GMT) Thursday, March 24, 2022 1:06 Posted at 14:34 ET (18:34 GMT) Thursday, March 24, 2022 1:03 Posted at 19:59 ET (23:59 GMT) Wednesday, March 23, 2022 … Read more