Netflix alert: this fabulous cult movie with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal is leaving the platform soon

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The designer Tom Ford once again tried his luck with film directing in the unique ‘Nocturnal Animals’, one of the most peculiar films of recent years that you have a few days to watch in streaming. A complex and intricate film that mixes revenge, psychological thriller and fascinating literature. It became one of the cult … Read more

The Train will whistle three times: why John Wayne hated the cult western? – CineSeries

The Train will whistle three times why John Wayne hated

Released in 1952, “The Train will whistle three times” won four Oscars and established itself as a reference for westerns. Not for John Wayne, who has a particular aversion to the film. The Train will whistle three times : one sheriff against all Feature film that takes place almost in real time, The Train will … Read more

The Cult – Under the midnight sun – Rock The Best Music

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Six years after “Hidden city”, the British band The Cult present us a new album with this “Under the midnight sun”. A dark Lp with which they return to that gothic or post-punk rock of their first albums. It must be recognized that the creators of masterpieces like “Love”, “Sonic temple” or “Ceremony” have not … Read more

Megan Fox’s cult movie that you can see on Star Plus

Megan Foxs cult movie that you can see on Star

Although it was not very well received at the box office, you can now enjoy this film on Star Plus that in recent years has been read as a feminist horror masterpiece, an allegory of sexual assault and a fantasy of revenge. karyn kusama (director of The invitation Y Destruction) Y Devil Cody (screenwriter of … Read more

After Venom and Uncharted, Ruben Flescher will direct the 3rd installment of this cult franchise with Daniel Radcliffe

After Venom and Uncharted Ruben Flescher will direct the 3rd

Director of talent to whom we owe successful films such as the first Venom and Uncharted, Ruben Fleischer has officially been announced for the production of a long-awaited feature film, following a franchise in which we find in particular Daniel Radcliffe. Ruben Fleischer takes over the reins of a cult franchise American director, producer and … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal to headline remake of cult film Road House

Jake Gyllenhaal to headline remake of cult film Road House

Although it received a mixed critical reception, the film Road House, released in 1989, has improved over time to be better appreciated by the public. To the point of being considered today by many cinephiles as a cult work. Credit – SND A redemption that allowed the film to be the subject of two remake … Read more

What to see on Prime Video: a surprising and atypical ‘western’ with Michael Fassbender that is a true cult gem

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Despite the fact that its aesthetic and part of its energy is pure Western genre, in ‘Slow West’ we find a fresh and revisionist perspective on it. Right now you can discover this fabulous piece in ‘streaming’ through Amazon. A unique western film that defies many conventions of the genre, and it is fresh and … Read more

The cult film with Natalie Portman, Jean Reno and Gary Oldman that you cannot miss on Netflix

The cult film with Natalie Portman Jean Reno and Gary

Almost three decades have passed since the premiere of one of the most influential cult films of the history of cinema. A fiction that made Natalie Portman famous, who was only 13 years old when she starred in this film with Jean Reno and Gary Oldman in 1994. film has become one of the most … Read more

This Indiana Jones cult scene was not planned! 7 anecdotes about the saga with Harrison Ford

This Indiana Jones cult scene was not planned 7 anecdotes

Steven Spielberg’s cult tetralogy arrived this month on Prime Video. The opportunity to come back to 7 anecdotes concerning a saga which has certainly marked the history of cinema, while waiting for the 5th part, in 2023! A skillfully explained scar! A whip, a hat, and a scar on the chin: these are the three … Read more

Chevalier: what remains of the “cult” film with Heath Ledger?

Chevalier what remains of the cult film with Heath Ledger

In 2001 landed Knight, a medieval comedy directed by Brian Helgeland which left a singular memory because of its thundering anachronisms. Its original title, A Knight’s Taleis a nod to canterbury tales, a classic of English literature. Their author, poet Geoffrey Chaucer, is one of the characters in the film, which claims to fill a … Read more