Yulién Oviedo takes it out on the “haters” in a new song: “You talk about politics behind a tablet”

Yulien Oviedo takes it out on the haters in a

The Cuban singer Yulien Oviedo dedicated his new song to “haters” and warned his detractors that “HATERS, coming soon”, announced the artist, who did not leave more details about the premiere of the song. “As I have haters, as I have haters. I am a fucking legend, even if you like it or not put … Read more

Malena Burke concert in Real Café de Miami

Malena Burke concert in Real Cafe de Miami

The Cuban singer Malena Burke will be in concert this Saturday at the Real Cafe Miami, famous restaurant located in the busy Calle Ocho of that city. Burke promised his followers and Cuban music lovers that they will have a night full of surprises while they talk and download accompanied by their band. The Malena … Read more