Lily Collins will play an alleged crypto scam rapper

Julie Delpys new Netflix comedy gives voice to women on

Lily Collins will play Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein in real life in Netflix’s Razzlekhan: Wall Street’s Infamous Crocodile. By Matthew Creith | Published 49 minutes ago Actress Lily Collins saw her star grow after a breakout performance in the hit Netflix series, Emily in Paris, where she plays a marketing executive from the United States trying … Read more

Bill Murray, victim of a crypto theft: they take 182,000 euros in ether raised for charity

Bill Murray victim of a crypto theft they take

A new robbery has been committed in the universe of cryptocurrencies. On this occasion, the victim is none other than actor Bill Murray, known for films like The Ghostbusters Y Caught in time. Specifically, the thieves have seized the 119.2 ether (more than 182,000 euros) that the interpreter had raised at a charity auction for … Read more

The Spanish evangelist of the crypto world who will make a film with Ridley Scott

The drugs code developers took in Silicon Valley in the early 21st century To increase their productivity, nootropics brought Francisco Gordillo (Madrid, 1971) to the crypto world. “As I investigated this industry and its potential, I came across a new concept for me, bitcoin, which was used as a means of payment for these illegal … Read more

How the Crypto World Could Be Similar to the Music Industry

How the Crypto World Could Be Similar to the Music

Bloomberg Opinion – To get a glimpse of the future of the crypto world, I keep trying different analytics tools. On this occasion, the concept of relevance is the targeting, that is, the part of the system to which consumers direct their attention. Targeting could determine whether cryptocurrencies usher in an era of dystopian inequality … Read more