“It made me cry, I love you”: the video that made Jessi Uribe break into tears

Popular music singers Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe celebrated their marriage last Saturday, May 14. The couple was very happy and motivated in the celebration, as they came to share moments of the party in the company of their friends and family. On the other hand, this Monday, May 16, Uribe received a gift that … Read more

Do actors really cry in soap operas? Celebrities from ‘Las Villamizar’ reveal it

Do actors really cry in soap operas Celebrities from Las

A lots of viewers swear that the tears of celebrities in soap operas, series and movies are realwhile others claim they are artificial. Besides, there are those who believe that the actors resort to drops, vick vaporub, Vaseline and other aids to make it look like they are cryingalthough sometimes they do not shed a … Read more

Carmen Muñoz exhibits in ‘Hoy’ that Televisa’s heartthrob made her cry for this strong reason

Carmen Munoz exhibits in Hoy that Televisas heartthrob made her

Mexico City.- The famous actress and presenter, Carmen Munozrecently couldn’t contain himself and Broke in tears in full press conference, due to a famous televisa heartthrobafter what in the program Today exhibited the strong motives for which he came to tears. Related news Click here and discover more information about Puro Show on our Google … Read more

‘Avatar 2’ will make us cry: Zoe Saldaña promises that James Cameron’s long-awaited film “will be an adventure you won’t forget”

Avatar 2 will make us cry Zoe Saldana promises that

everything that surrounds ‘Avatar 2’ remains an unknown. james cameron has just shown nothing to the public of the long-awaited sequel, but the actress Zoe Saldana (Neytiri) has indeed had the opportunity to see part of the film and has not hesitated to do everything possible to shoot public expectations to unimaginable limits. The actress … Read more

Camilo and the Montaners are in mourning: ‘I cry to think that Indigo will not be able to meet you’

Camilo and the Montaners are in mourning I cry to

In the midst of the happiness of receiving Indigo, Camilo and Evaluna’s baby, the Colombian singer and the Montaner family go through a painful moment: the loss of a loved one. The mourning is such that the interpreter of life of rich He stated that he has cried knowing that this person will not be … Read more

The unexpected decision of the producers of ‘Stranger Things’ that made Millie Bobby Brown cry

1647364222 The unexpected decision of the producers of Stranger Things that

Netflix Suspense, drama and science fictionare the three main characteristics of the successful series stranger things, which premiered in Netflix on July 15, 2016 and that achieved almost immediate success throughout the world. Episode by episode, fans followed the growth of the protagonists trapped in a story that undoubtedly gave more than one goosebumps. However, … Read more

The Netflix romantic movie that made viewers cry the most in 2022

The Netflix romantic movie that made viewers cry the most

There are romantic movies that move to tears, this is the case of “two meters from you”. a movie available Netflix that speaks of first love, that pure sincere love but that is affected by a terrible disease that makes them “put” a limit between the two lovers. What is “Two Meters From You” about? … Read more

Nightbirde: the emotional story of the singer who made the audience of America’s Got Talent cry and who died of cancer

Nightbirde the emotional story of the singer who made the

The story of Nightbirde, the contestant of America’s Got Talent who passed away last weekend of cancer, moves and inspires in social networks. Participation in the popular talent scouting program of Jane Marczewski, 31, went around the world when she was applauded by the public and shook the judges. the inspiring woman he battled for … Read more

“In Nicaragua nothing is normal”, the cry of opponents to Christian Nodal to cancel concert

In Nicaragua nothing is normal the cry of opponents to

After the concert in Nicaragua of the Mexican singer Christian Nodal was officially announced, opponents have started a campaign asking the artist to cancel the event, as they assure that “nothing is normal”, highlighting the recent trials of the more than 40 political prisoners elections, constant repression and human rights violations. “Nicaragua lives under a … Read more

3 true story dramas on Netflix that will make you cry

3 true story dramas on Netflix that will make you

How necessary are dramas. Whether we like to admit it or not, sadness is part of our emotions. Therefore, we also enjoy those films that explore this feeling.. Plus, the happy endings that we hope will happen in those stories are also much more comforting (when they do come). For those who enjoy watching a … Read more