Tom Cruise’s most dangerous scenes in Mission: Impossible

At this point, there is no doubt that Tom Cruise He is one of the most important action actors in history, and also one of the most daring. This revelation lies in his fascination with realizing his own stunt (acrobatics) without the need to hire a double. These have been the most dangerous scenes in … Read more

Tom Cruise’s insane aerial stunt to present Mission Impossible 7

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

What Top Gun: Maverick was released this year, fans are waiting for Tom Cruise’s next big title, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning. This installment, plus the next one that is in the middle of filming, will mark the end of the franchise, this has unleashed more hype to see the return of agent Ethan Hunt. To … Read more

Tom Cruise’s latest feat is to fly hanging from a plane

Yes, this is Tom Cruise in full flight.Screenshot: Tom Cruise / Christopher McQuarrie / Paramount Pictures. Tom Cruise, at 60 years of age, should have us used to the fact that he will do more and more extreme feats in his movies, from making HALO-type parachute jumps to drop out of a helicopter in full … Read more

This Lost actor is Tom Cruise’s cousin

This Lost actor is Tom Cruises cousin

Find out which Lost cast member is Tom Cruise’s direct cousin. Hint: he is not a member of Oceanic Flight 815! All Losties remember Ethan Rom, more classically called “Ethan” in Lost, a member of the “Others” faction, in which he officiates as a doctor and surgeon. He’s the one who abducts Claire from Oceanic … Read more

Jerry Maguire: Tom Cruise’s obsessive behavior, Renée Zellweger’s desperation and all the secrets of a classic with a revenge flavor

Jerry Maguire Tom Cruises obsessive behavior Renee Zellwegers desperation and

A film based on the world of sports, which in turn was a romantic film and at the same time touched on a sensitive issue such as morality and humanity in the business world. In 1996, Jerry Maguire came to the big screen to break paradigms and to propose a new way of making movies. … Read more

One of Tom Cruise’s least seen sci-fi movies is coming to HBO Max: it’s worth getting back

One of Tom Cruises least seen sci fi movies is coming

Tom Cruise is now considered almost an infallible element for the box office. But the millionaire and dizzying of his most successful films, such as his ‘Mission: Impossible’ or the brand new ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ does not mean that he also has lesser-known films that, in many cases, are worth recovering. It is the case … Read more

Tom Cruise’s superbike in ‘Top Gun’ and other fabulous models he has ridden in his movies

Tom Cruises superbike in Top Gun and other fabulous models

When Cruise premiered top gun in 1986, the film not only established him as the most famous action movie actor in the world, but it made two things fashionable: leather aviator jackets and high-performance Kawasakis. In the second part of it, neither of them are missing. In fact, superbikes are not lacking in any of … Read more

Tom Cruise’s secret trick to look good in the most extreme scenes of Top Gun: Maverick

Being a Hollywood star implies always being impeccable, something that Tom Cruise he is a great connoisseur. To film the most extreme scenes of “Top Gun: Maverick” and not lose his composure, the actor had a secret trick that only those who were in charge of her makeup and hairstyle on the set knew. “I … Read more

“Top Gun”: Quentin Tarantino assures that Tom Cruise’s movie is gay? | VIDEO

For many the film “Top Gun“, starring Tom crisis, Val Kilmer Y Kelly McGillis, was one of the best for the performances, photography, soundtrack and of course, the shots of the imposing planes that appeared. To everyone’s nostalgia, the sequel came 36 years later, which was crazy. With Cruise back on the big screen, things … Read more

Top Gun Maverick: why you shouldn’t miss Tom Cruise’s impressive stunts in Dolby Cinema

Top Gun Maverick why you shouldnt miss Tom Cruises impressive

36 years after his first steps in the role of Maverick, Tom Cruise returns to service in the skin of the unforgettable pilot in the sequel to Top Gun. A real air show more sensational than ever in Dolby Cinema. Immediate take off! 1. Top Gun: Maverick in Dolby Cinema + © Dolby – Partner … Read more