“My Policeman” premiered in Toronto: what critics said about Harry Styles’ other movie

My Policeman premiered in Toronto what critics said about Harry

A story of forbidden love that follows three young people – policeman Tom, professor Marion and museum curator Patrick – as they embark on an emotional journey through 1950s Britain. After the scandalous presentation of Do not worry honey in Venice last weekend Harry Styles He was in another of the premieres of the season … Read more

Me Time: Critics smashed this Netflix movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart

Me Time Critics smashed this Netflix movie starring Mark Wahlberg

Announced several weeks ago, the American comedy Me Time by John Hamburg has been available for several days on Netflix. Since it stars Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart, two stars appreciated for their sense of humor, we expected success to be there. Unfortunately, it is not the case. The film was massacred by the critics … Read more

Bardo: Alejandro González Iñárritu fails to convince critics of Venice

The venice festival is giving what to talk about with the premieres with the figures that were presented this year. From Cate Blanchett to Timothée Chalamet, the red carpet has had the luxury of seeing the biggest celebrities in the world of cinema pass by. The most anticipated films from the most renowned directors premiered … Read more

The sequels to blockbuster movies that were riddled by critics and fans

The sequels to blockbuster movies that were riddled by critics

Some movies have received terrible reviews (Photo: Toy Story 4/Star Wars IX/ Rocky) The cinematographic world has given several jewels to the most assiduous followers of this art over the years, whether they are romantic films, animated films, science fiction and a host of genres that have marked several generations. However, just as prestigious successes … Read more

Belinda, Pedro Sola, Christopher Uckermann and other artists will be critics in a new cooking reality show

Belinda Pedro Sola Christopher Uckermann and other artists will be

The two actors and the famous host of “Ventaneando” joined the project. (Instagram photo: @belindapop, @christophervuchermann, tiopedritosola) In recent years, cooking programs have positioned themselves among the public’s favorites, either because of their formats, gastronomic proposals or famous participants. Such is the case of Master Chef Celebrity, a well-known reality show that during its second … Read more

Sylvester Stallone’s Samaritan divides critics and audiences

Sylvester Stallones Samaritan divides critics and audiences

Samaritan Actor Sylvester Stallone is a retired hero in Samaritan, the new Amazon Prime Video action movie, which is being very divisive. It has already premiered in Amazon Prime Video the movie Samaritanwhere we see Sylvester Stallone deliver a great performance. But it seems that this story is dividing the critics and the public, since … Read more

First reactions to “The Rings of Power” before its official premiere: what do the critics say?

First reactions to The Rings of Power before its official

Prequel series based on JRR Tolkien’s books. (Prime Video) The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is the ambitious fantasy series from Amazon Studios taken from the works of the writer J. R. R. Tolkien which, as is known, is the most expensive television series ever made and opens on September 2 in … Read more

The House of the Dragon, what do international critics think of the new HBO Max series

The House of the Dragon what do international critics think

It’s been a wait of several years since Game of Thrones left us orphans of adventures. On Sunday, August 21, it finally opens The House of the Dragonthe long-awaited prequel to the famous series based on the literary world imagined by George R.R. Martin. Let’s see how she has been received by critics just before … Read more

Which judge of “The Academy” should leave the critics panel, according to the finalists

Which judge of The Academy should leave the critics panel

(Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv) The Academy: 20 years It will come to an end on August 13 and 14, therefore, the five finalists are preparing hard to give their last effort before knowing who will win. And it was during one of these new dynamics that Mar, Cesia, Andrés, Nelson and Rubí They faced their first press … Read more

Bullet Train: critics praise Bad Bunny’s performance in the film | tomatoes

Kevin Feige Says There Could Be More Black Widow Style Prequels

The world of movies, in any country, always generates conversation because of the great surprises there are. What is always on everyone’s lips are the stars that arrive at the big movie studios. It is not at all strange that someone who has been a success in music, more for fame than for talent, reaches … Read more