Sylvia Pasquel breaks down in tears for criticism of Silvia Pinal in her play: “You have the right to live”

Silvia Pinal’s eldest daughter exploded against those who point out her and her brothers, Luis Enrique Guzmán and Alejandra Guzmán, for agreeing to let her mother go on stage at her advanced age and when she is not in optimal conditions to work. In an interview presented by the program ‘Ventaneando’, Sylvia Pasquel said through … Read more

Presenter who took Francisca’s wedding flowers reacts and responds to criticism

One of the many details that caught the attention of the wedding of Francisca and Francesco Zampogna last weekend was a video that circulated on social networks where you can see a woman taking some of the flowers that adorned the church. The protagonist of the moment was the Dominican presenter Karen Yapoort, who is … Read more

Criticism of The Pentavirato: Mike Myers, secret societies, conspiracies and Kaffir humor in the new Netflix series

Paramount prepares a new series of Jackass again with Johnny

Are you a fan of conspiracies? Are you convinced that the Earth is flat? The Pentavirate may be behind some of the machinations you fear most. We have already seen the new Netflix series and we tell you what we thought in our review. Netflix starts May with quite a contrast. On the one hand … Read more

The First Lady: mocked in Michelle Obama, Viola Davis goes after the criticism

The First Lady mocked in Michelle Obama Viola Davis goes

Facing criticism for her portrayal of Michelle Obama on the show The First Ladyactress Viola Davis attacks the press. It’s not always easy to react well to negative reviews of a film or series. Many remember the delicate reaction of Alex Proyas when he released his Gods of Egypt in 2016, lovingly treating “deranged morons” … Read more

Criticism of Welcome to Eden, the series with which Netflix wants to replicate the success of Elite… and that brings a final surprise

Criticism of Welcome to Eden the series with which

You are happy? Netflix invites you to be one by watching Welcome to Eden, its new teen series premiering on May 6, 2022. Here’s our spoiler-free review. It seems that Netflix’s specialization in youth series is increasingly evident with products that want to attract, above all, the attention of avid consumers of products such as … Read more

Breaking Bad: Anthony Hopkins’ criticism of Bryan Cranston for the role of Walter White

Breaking Bad culminated on AMC nearly a decade ago, but fans still can’t get Walter White out of their minds. A character for which Bryan Cranston won not only 3 Emmys and praise from specialists, but also criticism from legendary actor Anthony Hopkins. May 02, 2022 9:22 p.m. breaking bad has been considered for several … Read more

They sing Christian music on the plane, go viral and receive harsh criticism: “Who is imposing their lifestyle on others”

They sing Christian music on the plane go viral and

TikTok it has become the place where people record many of the most unthinkable events. In general, we are used to seeing street singers perform their show inside public transport buses, but what would you think if we told you that a Christian music group became trend in this social network for singing in the … Read more

Jorge Rial’s publication that received a barrage of criticism

Jorge Rials publication that received a barrage of criticism

Accustomed to raising controversy, Jorge Rial He made a comment through his networks that prompted a series of criticisms from followers, who came out to cross him for his words in relation to the case of Eduardo “Toto” Salvio. As announced in the news, the player dragged his ex-wife, Magalí Aravena, in Puerto Madero with … Read more

Romina Fernandes, chosen by Guillermo Francella to compose his daughter in Granizo: “The criticism did not make me doubt my talent as an actress”

1649766959 Romina Fernandes chosen by Guillermo Francella to compose his daughter

That day he went to the theater and gave his performance of An Enemy of the People as always. At the end, already in dressing rooms, they told him that William Francella was in the audience and wanted to greet her. She received him, they talked for a few minutes and she never heard from … Read more

Videos | Criticism of Maluma for pushing one of his followers

Videos Criticism of Maluma for pushing one of his

For many celebrities and public figures it is not easy to bear the harassment of fans and paparazzi who never see the limits of privacy between the public and personal lives of artists. Many times the singers do not have the best attitude and this causes them to go through embarrassing moments in front of … Read more