Cristian Suárez, ex Laura Bozzo, could enter La Casa de Los Famosos 3

Cristian Suarez ex Laura Bozzo could enter La Casa de

Mezcaliente Cristian Suárez can enter the third edition of La Casa de Los Famosos The House of the Famous returns to the screens of Telemundo in 2023 and there are many surprises that it brings to viewers despite the fact that we still do not know who will be the inhabitants who will say present … Read more

Verónica Castro defends her son Cristian Castro from criticism of her colorful changes of look

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

Written in CELEBRITIES the 7/31/2022 3:36 p.m. after this week Cristian castro It became a topic of conversation for its crazy changes of look with whom he has appeared in the Argentine program “Sing with me now”, his mother, the first actress and television host, Veronica Castro He came to his defense on social media. … Read more

Cristian Castro boasts a colorful outfit and shocks the networks

Cristian Castro boasts a colorful outfit and shocks the networks In the 1990s, the eldest son of Veronica Castro, Cristian castro jumped to the fame and being the direct competition of the great star, Luis Miguel, his image at that time was totally that of a romantic young man who wore suits and ties, as … Read more

Cristian Castro: the best memes about the singer’s controversial change of look (and the comparisons it caused)

Cristian castroafter moving away from show business for a while, He reappeared on social networks and caused a stir in his followers for the way he lookswhich quickly went viral. The 47-year-old singer-songwriter, who is currently in Argentina as part of the program sing with me now, returned to the scene with a new and … Read more

Cristian Castro responded to memes for his physical appearance: “I’m trying to have fun”

Cristian Castro responded to memes for his physical appearance Im

The famous has caused controversy for his appearance) (Photo: Instagram/@cristiancastro/Twitter/@CantaConmigoAR Cristian castro has stood out throughout his career for his enormous acting talent, but, after spending time away from the public eye, the son of Verónica Castro He returned more changed than ever to the Argentine program sing with me nowwhich He unleashed all kinds … Read more

The derisory sum of money that Cristian Castro will receive for his participation in television

Argentine television seems ready to make waves at the continental level with a new program that will premiere on the screen of Channel 13. With the popular Argentine host Marcelo Tinelli at the helm, Channel 13 has everything ready for the premiere of his new musical reality show “Sing me now”, a format of its … Read more

Cristian Castro in Peru: date, place, ticket prices and all the details about his two concerts

Cristian Castro in Peru date place ticket prices and all

Cristian Castro returns to Peru. (Photo: Instagram) Cristian castro confirmed his return to our country as part of his tour “Hits tour & tribute to Juan Gabriel and José José”. The singer promises to offer a spectacular show on Thursday, August 25 in Lima. Here we tell you all the details. The son of Verónica … Read more

Singer compares Cristian Castro with “Beetlejuice” and this is how social networks responded – Prensa Libre

During this week Cristian Castro was in Venezuela and was received with appreciation by his public. From the moment he got off the plane, Cristian expressed his joy for this in the country of the South. “I am very happy to be with you tonight, already arriving here in Caracas. I haven’t been here for … Read more

Cristian Castro, family: how many and who are the singer’s children | Celebs from Mexico | nnda nnlt | FAME

1649243451 Cristian Castro family how many and who are the singers

Although he has almost always been with a tight schedule and little time due to his demanding career as a singer, Cristian castro He has had spaces to fall in love a few times and even get married. However, those relationships did not come to fruition, although they did leave magnificent memories for life due … Read more