Pineda: “Guatemala is the only country where they want to lower a political party a month before the elections”

Pineda Guatemala is the only country where they want to

The presidential candidate for the Citizen Prosperity party, Carlos Rene Pineda Sosamade a live broadcast on his official Facebook page to issue a statement regarding the suspension of his candidacy and that of all the people who aspire to a public position for said political group, according to a statement from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal … Read more

Jodie Foster en nuevo adelanto de “True Detective: Night Country”

Jodie Foster en nuevo adelanto de True Detective Night Country

La serie se centra en las detectives Liz Danvers y Evangeline Navarro que están buscando resolver el caso de seis hombres que operan la Estación de Investigación del Ártico de Tsalal, quienes desaparecieron sin dejar ningún rastro. Desde que estrenó hace casi una década, la serie True Detective ha conseguido la aclamación del público y … Read more

RBD manager’s trill ignites hope that the band will come to the country

1675184414 RBD managers trill ignites hope that the band will come

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Richard Dreyfuss quit acting because he wanted to save ‘my country’ from ‘damage’ – Reuters

Richard Dreyfuss is a man determined to fight for his country. Known for his starring roles in films like “Jaws,” “American Graffiti” and “The Goodbye Girl,” for which he won the Best Actor Oscar, Dreyfuss has since moved on to a life of educating others about the civic practices. “I gave up something I loved, … Read more

‘BTS yet to come in cinemas’: Fans escape their country to see the Korean band

1673636819 BTS yet to come in cinemas Fans escape their country

At this point, BTS is one of the best-known South Korean groups in the world, acquiring a large legion of fans. Last week two teenagers escaped from Pakistan to see the group in South Korea and today they were found. After Jin carried out his social service, the South Korean band announced that they would … Read more

Criticism: ‘The Country of Dreams’ (Slumberland), from Netflix, with Jason Momoa

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

Sometimes a good movie is more than the sum of its parts. In others, the sum of its parts results in… well, something like what happens to The country of dreams. An ambitious Netflix production with an interesting concept (although not especially new), a good budget, an unquestionable desire to please the family audience and … Read more

How Joanne Woodward sexually initiated Paul Newman and helped make him a universal icon | Celebrities | S Fashion THE COUNTRY

How Joanne Woodward sexually initiated Paul Newman and helped make

It is known that when Paul Newman met Joanne Woodward, the woman who stayed by his side until the day he died, he was married with three children. Despite the guilt that has always haunted him and that he speaks openly about in The Last Movie Starsthe documentary series about the famous couple (available in … Read more

Daddy Yankee in Guatemala 2022: The reaction of the Puerto Rican singer after learning about the tremor in the country

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

Last March Daddy Yankee announced that he was retiring from music after 32 years of success. Along with the news, he announced that he would say goodbye to his followers with the release of his latest album. Legendaddy and world tour The last lap World Tour. The farewell tour began in Portland, Oregon, USA. On … Read more

La Casa del Loco celebrates 25 years as a reference concert hall in the country

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

Citing La Casa del Loco in the musical world, both nationally and internationally, is synonymous with concerts and tradition. And it is that the Zaragoza venue was built from its beginnings in the fall of 1997 with a notable niche in the live performance circuit, a stadium where it remains 25 years later. A quarter … Read more