RDB will not be in Colombia 2023: official dates and countries of the ‘Soy Rebelde World Tour’

1674193141 RDB will not be in Colombia 2023 official dates and

It’s time for the truth. RBD returns to the stage with his ‘Soy Rebelde World Tour’, however, they will not perform in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. Learn more details here. Prepare to be ready with your ties! The famous musical group RBD has planned an important announcement for Mexico and the rest of … Read more

In 42 countries this Netflix original movie was the most viewed, nobody likes its message, but you must see it at least once

Now only part of history are the days of studying the TV guide or the actor going to a blockbusters to rent movies, as today people simply have to sit back, select their streaming service, and enjoy the hours of entertainment available at their fingertips. In fact, it’s fair to say that consumers are spoiled … Read more

The hopeful Brazilian romantic drama that more than 40 countries are watching

The hopeful Brazilian romantic drama that more than 40 countries

“Beyond the Universe” is a drama about love, music and illness. (Netflix) beyond the universe (Depois do Universo) is a drama and romance film originating in Brazil that landed on the streaming platform on October 27, 2022. This moving film, starring Henrique Zaga (for thirteen reasons Y the new mutants) and the singer-songwriter Giulia BeIt … Read more

Grace to countries like Argentina: the record set by “Hercai” one year after its end

Grace to countries like Argentina the record set by Hercai

The incredible audience figures for “Hercai” in Argentina Akın Akınözü, one year after the end of “Hercai” Ebru Şahin and Engin Akyürek, the next pair of Turkish television? “Hercai” is one of the most successful Turkish soap operas at the international level. Although it came to an end on April 25, 2021 in Turkey, the … Read more

Lightyear creator calls retrograde countries that censored film

The creators of the new success of Pixar “Lightyear” they were calm in statements to AFP before its ban in several Muslim countrieswhose authorities rejected a kiss between two female characters of the tape. buzz lightyear is one of the protagonists of the planetary mega-success “Toy Story”an astronaut obsessed with being the hero of any … Read more

They ban the premiere of ‘Lightyear’ in some countries due to homophobia

They ban the premiere of Lightyear in some countries due

When homophobia is part of state policy, the least that can happen is that cultural works in which homosexuality is shown in a way consistent with knowledge of sexology and, of course, with inexcusable respect for human rights, are censored throughout a country. Thus, it cannot surprise us that Saudi Arabiawhere reigns sharia lawflatly refuses … Read more

Controversy in the Eurovision vote: the organization recalculated the votes cast by six countries by detecting “irregularities”

A Eurovision classic that does not usually fail every year is the controversy surrounding the voting. This time, the European Broadcasting Union (UER), organizer of the festival, released a statement at midnight on Saturday, minutes before the retransmission of the scores of the great final gala began, explaining that the company that audits this system … Read more

Rosalía announces her first world tour through 15 countries in Europe and America

Rosalia announces her first world tour through 15 countries in

Singer Rosalia today announced his first world tour, Motomami World Tour, which will start on July 6 in Almería and will tour the Spanish geography before passing through the rest of the European capitals, Latin America and the United States. Tickets for the 46 concerts that make up the tour will go on sale on … Read more