“I couldn’t stop watching it”, Henry Cavill surrenders to Arcane on Netflix and shares an anecdote that happens to many – League of Legends – 3dgames

I couldnt stop watching it Henry Cavill surrenders to Arcane

henry cavill is already quite famous in the world of video games for his performances as Geralt of Rivia on the witcher seriespaper will leave at the end of the third seasonand for his great warhammer collection what you have in your house. Now in this news the protagonist is still himself along with the … Read more

100 dollars for a sheriff: why John Wayne couldn’t stand his partner Kim Darby? – CineSeries

100 dollars for a sheriff why John Wayne couldnt stand

In 1970, John Wayne received the only Oscar of his career for his portrayal of the gruff and violent marshal Rooster Cogburn in “100 dollars for a sheriff”. A role and a project of which the actor was particularly proud, even if he had a lot of trouble getting along with his young partner Kim … Read more

Emma Watson couldn’t wait for a ‘Harry Potter’ scene to end

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

To say that Emma Watson shot many scenes for Harry Potter It would be a gross understatement. The actor spent a whole decade filming the most popular movies. Because she was part of the golden trio, she appeared in the vast majority of all eight films. Overall, Watson really enjoyed and appreciated working on the … Read more

Danna Paola announced her ‘XT4S1S’ tour in Mexico: “I couldn’t be more excited”

Danna Paola announced her XT4S1S tour in Mexico I couldnt

(Photo: Instagram/ @dannapaola) In the midst of the controversy that broke out on social networks for his appearance that he wore in the Youth Awards Y MTV Miaw 2022Danna Paola surprised her fans with a very important announcement: will return to the stage this 2022 with his Tour ST4S1Sa tour with which he will cover … Read more

Ana de Armas shows the evidence of her great professional evolution: “I couldn’t have done it without you”

Ana de Armas shows the evidence of her great professional

Ever since he got his Golden Globe nomination, Anne of Arms He hasn’t stopped rising in Hollywood. This week we get her latest feature film, ‘the unseen agent‘, the new of the russo brothersthe directors of the end of the ‘The Avengers’ saga. On a recurring basis, the actress uses her social networks to show … Read more

José Eduardo Derbez confessed that an ex-partner tried to kidnap him: “I couldn’t open or lower the glass”

Jose Eduardo Derbez confessed that an ex partner tried to kidnap

José Eduardo Derbez confessed that an ex-partner tried to kidnap him Photo: Instagram/@jose_eduardo92 The first-born fruit of the relationship between Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo, José Eduardo confessed in a recent television intervention that he was the victim of an attempted kidnapping at the hands of a former partner who, with tricks and deception, managed … Read more

“Can a straight man now do what I did? No, and rightfully so.” Tom Hanks Says His ‘Philadelphia’ Couldn’t Be Filmed Today

Can a straight man now do what I did No

In a time when interviews with actors are usually marked by their publicists and be reduced to a junket in which they answer the same questions over and over again (“How did you prepare for the role?”; “What makes this character unique?”; “What made you accept the role? script?”) it is appreciated that the New … Read more

Emma Watson wanted to buy the house she rented but couldn’t – Home

Emma Watson is no stranger to money. Thanks to her participation in the Harry Potter franchise, and a host of other movies, the actor has an impressive net worth. But despite being worth a whopping $85 million, Watson is still a fairly conservative spender. In fact, his first car was a Toyota Prius, a vehicle … Read more

Tom Hanks Explains Why One Of His Most Successful Movies Couldn’t Be Made Today

Tom Hanks throughout his vast career has played roles that are still marked in the public’s memories, one of them is that of the lawyer Andrew Beckett for Philadelphia. In a recent interview, Tom shared the reasons why this acclaimed drama could not be made today. In 1993 After a significant number of roles in … Read more

Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis had ‘two characters’. His bandmates regret that they couldn’t prevent the singer’s suicide-KESQ

Alberto Pando London (CNN) — It has been 42 years since Ian Curtis, the lead singer of legendary post-punk rock band Joy Division, took his own life. After battling epilepsy and depression, Curtis died on May 18, 2019. 1980. He was only 23 years old. In the years since his death, Curtis’s bandmates Bernard Sumner … Read more