Alexa costs too much? Amazon launches an audit around the assistant

Alexa costs too much Amazon launches an audit around the

The latest financial results from major Big Tech companies, such as Google and Amazon, illustrate the headwinds the sector has been facing for many weeks. Inflation, the rise in key rates by central banks, in particular the Fed, the sharp rise in energy costs, particularly in Europe… all seem to be contributing to a sharp … Read more

Lorde reflects on the implications of the high costs of live shows

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

2022 has been a great year for the live music industry with world tours being announced every 15 days and dozens of concerts per week, however, the economic consequences of the pandemic are beginning to be felt. Lorde reflected on this growing problem in a letter addressed to his fans in which he talks, among … Read more

Going on vacation, even if it costs more

Going on vacation even if it costs more

The line that people have done to renew their passport, tell yourself that this line, today, it is in front of the travel agenciessays the senior advisor at Voyages Plein Soleil, Jocelyne Pronovost. The one who has worked for the agency in Quebec for 10 years says she is overwhelmed these days, when the fall … Read more

They launch Funko of Bad Bunny: this is the version of the singer in a doll and this costs

They launch Funko of Bad Bunny this is the version

In the movie “Bullet Train” (“Bullet Train”), Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Bad Bunny plays Wolf. Photo: Courtesy Following in the footsteps of his colleagues J Balvin and Ozuna, Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Bad Bunny now also has his own version as a Funko pop doll. (Also read: Juanes canceled his concert in Venezuela after statements … Read more

Griselda Siciliani shone at the Venice Film Festival: Vogue’s praise and how much her Prada dress costs

Griselda Siciliani shone at the Venice Film Festival Vogues praise

Griselda Siciliani in the canals of Venice, while enjoying the experience of attending the iconic Film Festival “Siamo Arrivati ​​Venezia! (We have arrived in Venice!),” he wrote. Griselda Sicilian on his Instagram account, where he grouped several photos of the extraordinary experience he is living in the Italian city. She previously passed through Hollywood, United … Read more

Back to school: almost everything costs more

Used cars almost 25 more expensive even with high mileage

In 2019, The newspaper had embarked on a bargain hunt with six businesses to unearth twenty of the school supplies most in demand by schools, at the lowest price. At the time, the ideal bill was just over $30. Three years later, a similar purchase exceeds $45, following a visit to Staples, Walmart and Jean … Read more