Emma Watson Pays Tribute to ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Star Robbie Coltrane Screen Rant

Emma Watson Pays Tribute to Harry Potter Co Star Robbie Coltrane

See the gallery Image credit: Everett Collection Emma Watson mourn his loss Harry Potter teammate Robbie Coltranewho just passed away at 72. The British actress, 32, paid a heartfelt tribute to her former co-star, who was best known for playing the lovable giant Rubeus Hagrid in the Magical Eight movies. More aboutEmma Watson “Rest in … Read more

Brendan Fraser reunites with ‘The Mummy’ co-star Michelle Yeoh, 14 years after filming together – Noufelle FR

Brendan Fraser reunites with The Mummy co star Michelle Yeoh 14

Image Credit: Alex Berliner/EIB/Shutterstock They are back! Brendan Fraser and michelle yeo took a sweet selfie together at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) awards show on Sunday, September 11. The two stars, who had already played together in The Mummy franchise, looked incredibly happy to see each other as their films were each celebrated … Read more

Keanu Reeves Just Revealed His Favorite Co-Star, And It’s Not Sandra Bullock

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

ads The film career of Keanu Reeves It’s been a wild ride for fans. Despite enjoying several iconic movie roles, the actor has also faced major box office disappointments along the way. Thankfully, he’s back in favor with moviegoers, thanks in no small part to the franchise. John Wick. Still, Reeves has worked with some … Read more

Paul Walter Hauser on ‘Black Bird’ Co-Star Taron Egerton – Nifey

Paul Walter Hauser on Black Bird Co Star Taron Egerton

Acclaimed actor Paul Walter Hauser (“Richard Jewell”) is also a movie buff — so it’s no surprise he describes his Emmy-worthy turn as “Black Bird” serial killer Larry Hall in terms cinematic – including “Vincent D’Onofrio in Regard “Full Metal Jacket”. “I would say that for my process… is that if I treated [the role] … Read more

Eugenio Derbez and the reason why a blonde with blue eyes is his co-star in “El Valet”

1653523278 Eugenio Derbez and the reason why a blonde with blue

Eugenio Derbez is gaining significant international recognition in recent years. Thus, after his successful participation in the Oscar-winning film “CODA”, the Mexican interpreter has embarked on a new adventure and has released the feature film entitled “El Valet”. MORE INFORMATION: Why did Eugenio Derbez choose the name “La Familia P. Luche” for his series? This … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal Saved a Sweet Note From Co-Star Billy Crystal After Finishing Their First Movie – Home

They say it’s important to remember where you come from, and Jake Gyllenhaal has certainly internalized that message. The actor has many performances to be proud of in his career, but the first movie he was in holds a special place in his heart for a couple of reasons. Decades later, Gyllenhaal still counts a … Read more

Heath Ledger remembers A Knight’s Tale co-star Rufus Sewell with ‘lost’ footage

Earlier this week, actor Heath Ledger would have celebrated his 43rd birthday. By one of those coincidences of fate, the next day actor Rufus Sewell discovered behind-the-scenes photos of Ledger from the film. The story of a knight, which Sewell said he believed “have been lost forever.” After finding the footage, the actor shared it … Read more

Dolph Lundgren and Luke Wilson to co-star in action thriller The Best Man

Dolph Lundgren has been very busy lately and it doesn’t look like he plans to ease off any time soon. As well as upcoming roles in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Consumables 4Lundgren joins Revenge of a Blonde and Zombieland: double tap star Luke Wilson in new action movie The best man. Also starring … Read more

Amy Adams’ ‘Miss Pettigrew’ Co-Star Was Told to Leave Set Because Her Appearance Distracted Her – Home

Amy Adams Miss Pettigrew Co Star Was Told to Leave Set

Actress Amy Adams has starred alongside many celebrities over the years. But there was one actor that Ella Adams admired so much that she couldn’t focus on a scene that she needed to do. So much so that the co-star had to leave the film set so Adams could finally focus. Amy Adams revealed she’s … Read more

Emma Watson ‘Fell In Love’ With Her ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Star And On-Screen Rival, But Claims Nothing ‘Never, Ever, Ever Happened Romantically’

Emma Watson Fell In Love With Her Harry Potter Co Star

English actress Emma Watson became famous in 2001 when Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone She debuted at just 10 years old, donning her dressing gown and making a name for herself as Hermione Granger, daughter of two Muggle dentists and ultimately a close friend of Harry Potter. During this first film, she “fell in … Read more