Hollywood corner dedicated in honor of Peruvian singer Yma Sumac

A Hollywood intersection was dedicated Thursday as Yma Sumac Square in honor of the record-breaking Peruvian singer and one of the best-known performers of exotic music in the 1950s. nine days after the centenary of his birth. Damon Devine, who was a Sumac representative, personal assistant, makeup artist and eventual caregiver for the last 11 … Read more

The serious accusations that corner the premiere of the controversial film ‘Sparta’

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

The movie ‘Sparta’ is in the midst of harsh accusations. A few days after its world premiere in Spain, San Sebastián, the film by the Austrian Ulrich Seidl was canceled in Toronto due to suspicions related to abuse and exploitation of minors during filming. However, that is not all, the media in his country of … Read more

Beyoncé: how does the star keep the rope intact after 25 years of career? | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

Beyonce how does the star keep the rope intact after

After six years away in the industry, Beyoncé signed her return to the front of the stage on the 29th July last with a new album titled Renaissance. Barely released, the opus like all its previous albums was propelled with a bang despite the not insignificant gap that exists between these last two albums. How … Read more

Oscar producer reacts to Will Smith’s public apology to Chris Rock, ‘He’s open about his remorse’ | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

Oscar producer reacts to Will Smiths public apology to Chris

More than five months after the slap of Will Smith during the 94ᵉ edition of the Oscars in March 2022, the subject continues to animate the news. While Will recently apologized to the comedian in a video that went around the world, Oscar producer Will Packer just hailed the act. Will Packer applauds actor Smith’s … Read more

‘Music in every corner’, not a town without its festival

Music in every corner not a town without its festival

The macroconcerts and festivals multiply every summer throughout the country and this has not been an exception, but far from the big cities there are still many places where live music -among other things- does not quite arrive as its inhabitants would like. Thinking of all those towns of what they call ‘the emptied Spain’, … Read more

Ten great movies for moviegoers on HBO, the corner of the series

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

“It’s not TV, it’s HBO”. The famous slogan of the American platform, halfway between credibility and arrogance, was all the rage describing a style of making series. And yet, regardless of its spectacular catalog of audiovisual stories by chapters, HBO also has a wide inventory of cinema. Of course, not too well structured and with … Read more

De Rihanna à Lady Gaga : Voici 6 artistes qui ont lancé leurs propres marques de beauté | Hip Hop Corner : Actu rap français, US et culture

De Rihanna a Lady Gaga Voici 6 artistes qui

D’égérie à femmes d’affaires, il n’y a qu’un pas. Après avoir prêté leur visage aux plus grandes marques cosmétiques, de nombreuses stars de la musique ont décidé de créer leurs lignes de produits de beauté. Outre leurs casquettes de chanteuse, actrice ou mannequin, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez et d’autres ont jeté leur dévolu sur … Read more

Oscars 2022 roster includes JAY-Z, Beyoncé, Kid Cudi and HER | Hip Hop Corner: French, US rap news and culture

Oscars 2022 roster includes JAY Z Beyonce Kid Cudi and HER

The shortlist of 2022 Oscar finalists has finally been released. JAY-Z and Beyoncé are on this list along with many other artists. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled the shortlist for the Original Song category at the 2022 Oscars The Academy unveiled on December 15 the preselections for 10 categories before the … Read more

This video confirms that Spotify HiFi is just around the corner

This video confirms that Spotify HiFi is just around the

Spotify has become the most widely used music streaming platform. The company of Swedish origin marked a before and after in the sector and, although it is true that there are some very solvent alternatives, the company with the green logo is the clear dominator. And now that Spotify HiFi is right around the corner, … Read more

Ice Cube: Five things to know about the rapper | US Rap | Hip Hop Corner

Ice Cube Five things to know about the rapper

On the occasion of his birthday, discover five facts about the rapper from Compton, from its eclecticism to its history. 1) his older sister was murdered when he was 12 years old Long beforeIce Cube Not gaining popularity thanks to his raw lyrics that spoke of police violence and guns, the rapper had faced gun … Read more