The video of the “chaotic” first concert of Corey Taylor with Slipknot comes to light

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A few days ago it was the 25th anniversary of the first concert by Corey Taylor with slipknotand we would like to remember what was experienced in that concert, cataloged as chaotic. At that time, the one who would be the vocalist of the band, Taylor, was only 23 years old, and they resigned themselves … Read more

Corey Taylor on Alice in Chains: “It’s one of the best bands that ever lived”

Corey Taylor on Alice in Chains Its one of the

Seattle is one of the cities recognized for being the cradle of bands of the stature of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden Y Alice in Chains. In fact, these ensembles make up the group known as the big four of grunge. Although for lovers of the aforementioned genre the task of selecting one of the aforementioned … Read more

Corey Taylor commemorates “Astroworld” victims at Slipknot concert

Corey Taylor commemorates Astroworld victims at Slipknot concert

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently addressed the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival. A fan recorded the words that the frontman dedicated to those injured in the event. Last weekend (November 5), 8 people died and hundreds were injured at the festival that rapper Travis Scott organized in Houston, United States. As reported Loudwire, a ninth … Read more