Julia Garner is convinced that the Madonna biopic has chances to succeed

Julia Garner is convinced that the Madonna biopic has chances

At the beginning of this year, the news of the cancellation of the biopic of Madonna by Universal Pictures due to creative conflicts with the production team and the artist herself who, faced with this scenario, decided to relaunch her career with one last world tour entitled Celebration Tour And it will start in July. … Read more

“Leonardo DiCaprio thought ‘Titanic’ was boring.” James Cameron explains how he convinced the actor not to get off the boat and leave the film at the last minute

1673639760 Leonardo DiCaprio thought Titanic was boring James Cameron explains how

Nobody imagines nowadays ‘Titanic’ without Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in front of the cast. was his own James Cameron who thought of them for the role and even had to face the fact that the studio did not want the actor for the role, but the truth is that the also protagonist of ‘The … Read more

‘The Fabelmans’: Laura Dern convinced David Lynch to play John Ford in Spielberg’s new

The Fabelmans Laura Dern convinced David Lynch to play John

Few cinephile events this season welcome the importance of The Fabelmansthe new work of steven spielberg as director. Not only because of the obvious, it is the new work of Steven Spielberg as a director, but because in this case we are witnessing a semi-autobiographical exercise in the style of so many that have been … Read more

“I guarantee you it’s not predictable.” James Cameron is convinced that the long-awaited ‘Avatar 2’ will surprise the public

I guarantee you its not predictable James Cameron is convinced

The imminent revival of ‘Avatar’ in 4K is leading to that james cameron give several interviews. Some days ago commented that he faced Fox so as not to have to shorten the first installment and now he has had to refer to ‘Avatar 2’ to secure in IGN about what what counts in the long-awaited … Read more

The “pact with the devil” that has convinced Ellen Burstyn to return in the reboot of ‘The Exorcist’ after rejecting sequels for 50 years

The pact with the devil that has convinced Ellen Burstyn

The controversial adaptation of William Friedkin’s novelThe Exorcist‘ is remembered among other things by the Oscar-winning actress Ellen Burstin. Nearly 50 years later, after refusing to reprise her role numerous times, Burstyn finally agreed to return to Pazuzu’s kingdom and in an interview with The Hollywood Reporterrevealed the deal he reached to return in the … Read more

Black Adam would not have convinced Warner Bros. and would suffer the same fate as Batgirl

When Dwayne Johnson presented “Black Adam” said that the film would come to “alter the hierarchy of power” of DC Extended Universeand boy would I be doing it… As it transpired in the last hours, the film would not have convinced the executives of Warner Bros. and Discovery that he would have planned for her … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder: this is how Natalie Portman was convinced to return as Jane Foster

Thor Love and Thunder this is how Natalie Portman was

We are only a few weeks away from the release of Thor: Love and Thunder. As promotion for the new Marvel movie heats up, filmmaker Taika Waititi has spoken about how he was able to convince comedian Natalie Portman to return as Jane Foster. Indeed, the latter had abandoned the Marvel adventure after Thor: The … Read more

The Chronicles of Riddick: how Vin Diesel convinced Judi Dench to play in the film

The Chronicles of Riddick how Vin Diesel convinced Judi Dench

For “The Chronicles of Riddick”, Vin Diesel wanted at all costs that Judi Dench participate in the film. The actor was able to be convincing by offering in particular a rather imposing gift to the actress. Riddick, Vin Diesel’s other license Before The Chronicles of Riddick, the first meeting between the public and the character … Read more

“It was always me”: Karol Sevilla reveals why this series convinced her to return to acting | VIDEO

It was always me Karol Sevilla reveals why this series

There are times when it is better to pause, take a deep breath and think carefully about what the next step will be. And that was precisely what he did. Carol Seville after the end of “I am Luna”, a fiction that made her an idol of the multitudes before she came of age, but … Read more